All The Colors Of the Rainbow- Gluten Free?? Or Not…

5 Apr
I have gotten a surprisingly amount of bad backlash on the gluten free comments I have made.  OK..  Well I really thought for a second maybe I am not the rock star mommy I thought and I need to get up to speed on what is REALLY going on.  So I Wiki’d Gluten Free and you can see the entire post here, but I will quote what it says ” Medical Benefits
The gluten-free diet must be strictly followed by sufferers of celiac disease[15] and dermatitis herpetiformis.[16] Some medical practitioners also believe the diet may be helpful for persons with multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders,[citation needed] as well as autism spectrum disorders,[17][18] ADHD, and some behavioural problems[citation needed].
The scientific literature on the link between gluten and autism is mixed and there is no substantial research on in utero causality. There have been insufficient adequately designed, large-scale controlled studies and clinical trials to state whether the diet is effective.[19] A small single blind study has documented fewer autistic behaviors in children fed a gluten-free, casein-free diet, but noted no change cognitive skills, linguistic ability or motor ability.[20] This study has been criticized for its small sample size, single-blind design which may have skewed results on the basis of a “parent placebo effect”.[21]
A 2006 double-blind short-term study found no significant differences in behavior between children on a gluten-free, casein-free diet and those on regular diets.[22] A long term double-blind clinical trial sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health is scheduled for completion in April 2008; preliminary results are not yet available.”
 This is what I found… 

“The most studied theory is that eating gluten leads to high levels of protein by-products, called gluteomorphines, in some children with autism. These by-products may then affect behavior like a drug would. Specifically, in these children, gluteomorphines could reduce their desire for social interaction, block pain messages, and increase confusion. If gluten is taken out of the diet, the idea is that this will reduce the level of gluteomorphines, and behavior will improve as a result.”  I found that study here

IF you read the entire article it does make alot of sense BUT, really i need more hard core evedience then that,  as started above when I wiki’d it.  How do I curtial symptoms that my children might portray? 
I redirect them. My main problem is more social then anything else.  And even then that is getting better!  How?  Well first I had them in a state Early Intervention agency before they were one. AND I learned what their sensory issues where so that I could curtail many of the typical autistic symptoms.  Does this work for everybody?  NO!  It’s trial and error.  What works for one may not work on the other.  They have over come alto!  I am lucky in many senses and not in others so.  All I have to say if something works for your child…  Stick with it!  Don’t fix what is NOT broken! 


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