All the Colors of the Rainbow… Autsim Yesterday

14 Apr 

“Autism Yesterday” @ Calvary Church , 4625 Waters Ave.


The film introduces families who say their children have recovered from autism. A Q&A with an expert panel will follow the 30 minute film.


7 pm Thurs April 17


I really have no problems telling anybody that I am a spectic.  Y’all know were I stand but, i am going very open minded and willing to listen!  Let me know if anybody else goes! 


3 Responses to “All the Colors of the Rainbow… Autsim Yesterday”

  1. theramblinghousewife April 14, 2008 at 9:30 pm #

    Yes, I would love to hear about this too.

    I must admit that I am skeptical but some part of me really wants to believe that this is possible . . .

    At least, some day . . . .

  2. Fes Leldman April 15, 2008 at 5:07 am #

    Why be a skeptic? We have three recovered boys at my son’s elementary school. Their parents began treatment early and today they are normal. Perhaps you just need to meet some recovered kids yourself?

  3. tophataffairs April 15, 2008 at 9:45 am #

    Hi Thank you for stoppping by… I always welcome feedback!!!

    I can tell you, you haven’t been my blog before… IF you look up all the blogs I have seen my prevous All The Colors of the Rainbow… You will see really were I stand with the BIO meds debate. Because really that is what it is. A debate. These So, called cured children I can say are in the minority. As much as I apprecaite all the celebrity press…
    I have a really had swallowing that we that need to catch “autsim” early and do these BIO meds treatment right away. What good is a cure if you only have a window? esp. since MOST pediatricians(sp) will not diganose untill later in life.

    I am more then willing to meet these childen and chat with them… I am more then willing to listen to what everybody has to tell me. And I do promise to have an open mind. I am really good about seeing all sides of the coin.

    Autsim has many sides to it. and I do believe that the vaccien plays a huge part in this… Howwever what about the chidlren who didn’t have an “allergy” What about the childen WHO have tried this treatment and it didn’t work? What do you tell those parents because, I have met more of “those” parents then I have any other. Sure you can tell me… Maybe they didn’t try hard enough… WHATEVER!!! It’s heartbreaking and I do believe it’s REALLY irresponsiable to call it a “CURE” When really the reaserch is still so divided. That is why I am a sceptic!

    Then my daughter is a recovering “austistic” person as well… She got the right MEDS…

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