Nobody ever listens!!

22 Apr

Well, It’s about week three into the Sports Soup ex debut and on air its been drama free!
ask me  about down time?  Not so much!
REmember when I told you I thought B had ulterior motives about being on the show…  Well check out this little senario that happened. 
E is a hard working man and is in an industry that has an unstable pay rate.  A couple of weeks ago he had to bust his behind to make rent.  With that being said.  B invited him to a concert.  E said no because  he had to work to pay his rent.  B said No problem I will pay your way.  Red flag went up in my head.  And I told E I really hope you said NO!  He did.  I said Oh Thank God!  Because, it was brought to my attention that B has lent money to E before and it was all kinds of an ugly mess between the two of them.  And just for the record I have seen this time and time again.  It’s never a good idea to borrow money or even take money from an ex TRUST ME!  If the break up is bitter it’s just ugly..  People start screaming law suits blah blah blah…  So, take my advice just don’t go there!  E still said no.  And B went to the concert.   And E went to work made his rent money.  Everybody is happy. 
The next evening E gets invited out.  It’s an offer he cannot refuse.  And best of all it’s free!!!  He goes out…  Takes pictures, puts them up on his page…  ( do you see were this is going…?  B text’s him ask’s him where did he take the picture…  And he tells her and then he gets ” Oh so you can go out with them but, not ME” 
Wha are we FIVE??  GIVE ME A BREAK!
I think this is pretty elementary.  It’s High School and I really am having a hard time wrapping my brain around all of this.  The only thing I can come up with is really B needs to let go.   I would really love to blame this on the guy.  But in this case I can’t! 

Oh and the drama doesn’t stop there….  I will catch you guys up when I get the entire story!


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