Grey’s Anatomy Fans are “SERIOUSLY” not playing!!

12 May

I have a confession to make. I am a Grey’s Anatomy Addict…
I hang out at the Grey’s Anatomy Message Board.  I visit it everyday just to checkout what people are saying.  And in MY defense:
Did I mention I love “people” watching…?? 
This a great way to get into the darkness of somebody’s mind…  Celebrities have a way of doing that to people. 
I love “Grey’s”!  Honey introduced it to me in 06 and let me tell you something he was shocked I HAD never heard of the show!  I didn’t/don’t watch TV much…  When I met honey, I would have rather been running with my friend Mitch(waves at you), reading Harry Potter, swimming, spending time with my children and at that point in time…  From about May/June of 06-Aug of 06 Honey was just a filler of time. 
Sex and the City was off, Dead Like Me got canceled and Six Feet Under was off as well….  So, really I had no use for TV…  Untill he introduced me to Grey’s Anatomy…  From that moment on I was hooked!!

While I frequent the Message Board It’s amazing to me the time and energy that people put into their theories we have the Wizard of Oz Theory then, we have the Alice in Wonderland theory…  Oh it goes on and on but, WOW! 
And if you are a fan of the show and watch it everyday…  So, you know as of Right NOW they have PlantPlotDevice aka Rose…  And don’t even go on saying that you think that she is ok…  Or maybe that she even adds something to the show.  WHEW!  You will get publicly humiliated and cyber flogged!  I know I have seen it happen. 
I rarely reply to the message board.  I am a silent stalker.  I like to watch the other masses have at it!  Ha-Ha…  But, should you happen to come across a Grey’s anatomy enthusiast don’t and I mean DON’T say anything about Rose being OK or maybe that you might even like her even if she cannot dress to save her life!…  Just smile and nod!  ha-ha…


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