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She rises… A little late but, still…

30 Sep

To say I have been busy is a complete understatement!  I have been beyond busy…  And balancing a career, being a chair for a non-profit and being a mommy of four.  Now add in a move and everything else that comes along with that… And you have one BUSY person!

In the time I have been away, I have blogged on myspace.  It’s my comfort zone.  And I just needed to get re-grounded.  I did promise my “following” ( ha ha…) that I would press it (this)so, that they can read my blogs here.  So, off comes the training wheels and back into the real world! 

The time I have been away from my parents…  I learned that a good deal of my depression and self deprecation was situational.  I removed myself from them and BAM…  I feel like I can finally truly be myself for the first time in AGES!  And it’s wonderful.  I/we have nobody to answer to!  IF we want to eat at 7:00 in the evening WE DO!  If you would like to read more about it click here.  I now feel I don’t have to pretend to be happy.  I really am! 

I have a-buncha other stuff to blog about! 

I am going to blog after I work out. And I am going to start with a All the Colors of the Rainbow…  I have an “ISSUE” that needs to be address 😀 

I am fine… Acutally I am more then FINE..  For the first time EVER..  I am truly FABULOUS!!