Ready or Not… Here it comes…( and other stuff…)

11 Nov

A change is right around the corner…  And Obama takes it! 
I have no idea how the rest of you feel but, I am so damn happy to put this election away…  I will hold my thoughts either way.  All I can say is if I hear another word about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe…  Really…  I will do nothing but, CAN WE PLEASE GIVE IT A REST

I finished the entire twilight series in about oh less then three days…  Not kidding…  And  have to say that Bella didn’t get “cool” until she made the “change” and I really hope that Stephanie Meyers changes her mind about writing another book because it has so much potential and the story can be amazing.  I am doing my “good book” Karma-ing and I am passing it around and everybody seems to like the books.  I must be a freak.  I did like them I am not ga-ga over them I think it’s because, Ryan Seacrest compared it Harry Potter… Blah…  Double Blah…  Honey never ceases to amaze me…  I got the book on tape for the third book and he listened to it with me.  (DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS…)  
Although much like myself he thought there was a bunch a needless words and “could she please hurry up and get to the point…”  Was his response to the book, but, all in all he liked it!
I will never understand all the little compartments of my husband’s mind but, I like it… 
I ❤ Edward… sigh… 

I am going to Alabama for Thanksgiving! I get this nervous twitch in my tummy…  I will be meeting some of Jason’s friends for the first like, the FABULOUS JENNY…  (Awesomely cool chick…)  Just thinking about it sends me into a nervous dizzy…  I just wish I had my camera…  The twins broke it!  GRRRR… 

I have so much I need to get off my chest but, I think I will save that for other blogs. 


3 Responses to “Ready or Not… Here it comes…( and other stuff…)”

  1. Jenny November 11, 2008 at 9:36 pm #

    You’re sweet. No need to be nervous, unless he’s got friends I don’t know nobody’s too scary. Do you guys have any concrete plans yet?

    Thank the twins for me… I’ve got this thing about having my picture taken…

  2. FXSmom November 11, 2008 at 11:41 pm #

    I still so like Jacob so much better. I keep praying for word of a Jacob/Renesmee series. I had that hurry up get to the point feeling too. Her sci-fi book, The Host, was good but I came close to dropping it because of that.

    Sorry about the camera. I know how that is. I LOVE my camera so much.

  3. Becky November 12, 2008 at 6:28 pm #

    So happy this election is done.

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