The Harry Potter Debate!

9 Jan

My son has really never cared for Harry Potter… He kinda thought it was silly that I was almost obessed over the books.  I don’t know what happened but, here, lately he has had an extreme interest in it.   Asking me questions looking through my books(reading them), asking me about the notes( yes, I wrote notes in the side in my books). And so the great Harry Potter debate with myself starts…

At first I had to ask myself, is he old enough to know better? 
Finally after many conversations with myself and debates…  
Yes, he can handle it.  And so now another Harry Potter fan is born!

First, things first, I had to make sure he knew there was no such thing as Hogwarts, I had to explain about real “whitch-craft” and fake, and he needed to understand that Harry Potter was made up by the brilliant mind of J.K Rowling(so, we took a tour of her website).  
We got down to all the mechanics of it and he fully understood.  Which he thought was really silly because, he knew the books were “fiction” HE already knew all that stuff, because of the  adventure series he likes to read called the Magic Tree-house(wonderful books by the way!)… 
He knew that was fake…  “Silly MOM”   He watched the first movie and read the book…   He is now on the second book and has watched the movie we are now working on the thrid book and movie.
Now, we(meaning HP fans) all know the books and the movies get darker as Voldemort comes into power. 
So, my next deliema was;  Do I let him see the fifth, sixth and seventh movie?  OR should I wait?  Should I allow him to read the books?  or should I wait? 

And my little man did not disapoint me…he has an awesome grasp of life and gets it like most children should. 
He is very well behaved and brave…  Nothing scares him( should that worry me?)  He loves the R.L Stien books “goose-bumps”   sigh… 

Yesterday we were talking about HP and all the things he likes and, he wanted to look online so, he could find the “real human” recipes of all the yummy stuff HP and his friends get to eat. then he blurts out:
Can you tell me who dies? 
I said how do you know someobdy dies? 
He said, “Mom it’s a war people die in wars, like the civil war and Dr. Martin Luther King people die,  and animals die too, like Miss Ruby and Beau”
What can I say to that? 

So, I took out the forth book and we went over it.  He says he wants to read it,(but not after he reads the thrid book)  acutally he told me that his goal was to know more about Harry Potter then I do!  Ha! Fat chance of that happening!! 

Well, the other day he came home from school and told me…  That so and so mother does not allow her to read Harry Potter and that this little girl could not hang out with Chris anymore because he does!!  OF ALL THE STUPIDITY I have EVER HEAD( oh and trust me I have had my fair share…)!! I had to explain to him that yes, we have a great deal of people who do not agree with the books, and find them really evil and bad for people’s minds.  And his response to that was… 
“It takes more then HP to make a person bad.  I read them, I like them, I am not bad”

All in all…  I think he can handle him reading and watching them!  As I said before that little man has got a grasp on the world, better then most adults…  I wish I could see the world through his eyes….

Now if I can only instill, social common sense in that wonderful brain of his…


One Response to “The Harry Potter Debate!”

  1. Jenny January 10, 2009 at 4:10 am #

    Aren’t zelots fun?!?!

    You know if you guys move to Huntsvegas you can just tell everyone your son wants to be an engineeer and they won’t expect any social common sense. Engineers are a special breed not usually known for their steller social skills 😉

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