Me in six words…

13 Jan

Can you describe your life in six words?
 Here is mine…

( It’s been on my myspace page forever!  And yes I did make it up all on my own…)

Lived, Loved, Lost, Learn, regrets NOTHING!!

I have lived a good life, a hard, a sad life…  None the less it’s made me who I am…  And honestly I really like the person I have become!   

I have loved…  Truly, madly, deeply in life… 
I have loved and it’s been unhealthy, toxic even;  which is why I have a hard time letting people in and I don’t give my trust easily… 

I have lost… Many Many Many times I have lost…  I have had to watch (what I thought at the time was the love of my life) the love of my life ride away into the sunset, happy to leave me behind, as he was was driving away with who seemed to be his latest “conquest… ” I had to endure seeing him drive away as my heart shattered into a million pieces… 
The only thing that was left was me and my dignity…  Which I picked up,dusted off…

 Each time, I have made mistakes, I have learned a lesson or two some had to be repeated because I am a very stubborn person.. None the less Karma taught me MANY lessons that I will NOT REPEAT!

 I regret nothing!  No matter how hard the lesson was and no matter how hard I fell…  I REGRET NOTHING!! 



See if you can describe your life in six words…


I tag..



Moon Beams and Day Dreams



Dizzy Girl



 And any of you that want to do it! 


One Response to “Me in six words…”

  1. Otto Mann January 13, 2009 at 7:20 pm #

    “fun. here is five more words”

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