History will keep me warm!

21 Jan

I watched out 44th president make history yesterday!  I watched with allot of mixed feelings, the most shocking of all was sense of pride.  Over 1 million people packed themselves onto the Mall to see President Obama swear in!    I do not, will not discuss politics!  Nor, will I ever tell who I voted for,  all I gotta say is this…  Please Mr President for our country’s sake and for our children’s sake…  Don’t let us down! 

Enough of that!!

What was really cool to watch was the chemistry between Michelle  Obama And the President!  I hadn’t payed attention to the dynamics of them before and I gotta say I was impressed, to tears even, especially when they had their first dance “At Last” sang Beyonce.  I can see why she almost cried…  It was pretty fantastic! 

I will wait to see what the next four years bring!  I have faith!  I have to have faith…  Really what else do we have?


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