It’s “Amazing!!!”

21 Jan

 My guilty indulgence for the next six weeks is  The Bachelor, this train wreck of a show,  has managed to become my entertianment every Monday @ 8:00 for two hours.
I gotta say I am kinda ashamed… 
Watching  15 women lie, cheat and steal just for a little attention from Bachelor Jason Mesnick.  Poor guy! 
WHERE DID ABC find these women???
At times during the show  I am ashamed to be a women! 
So, I asked myself , amd I being  judgemental??
On Monday I stepped out of the Dolores Box…  I really tried to be objective…  AND then, I relized that I was not being judgemental at all,  these women are true dum – dums… 

Then we have the over use of the word “AMAZING”  example:
I am so excited to be here with these 25 AMAZING WOMEN and the dates are just so AMAZING, WOW! HER BOOBIES ARE AMAZING!  Holy Snikeys, her smile is AMAZING, This whole expirence was AMAZING! I am NOW ENGAGED to an AMAZING WOMEN
So, I found the “amazing” drinking game!  On Monday honey and I poured oursleves a glass of wine and we took sips every single time the word amazing was used…  Guess what?  We had to pour a second glass and we finshed that one off too!  And we were not even half way through the show!  It’s a really good thing we didn’t use tequila we would have been trashed!   
Hi my name is Dolores and I am addicted to BAD TV!! 

Do you watch the Bachelor?  And what do you think about it…


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