He’s Just Not That Into You– The MOVIE!!

26 Jan

I am super excited about this movie! 
Hell even if you are not single…   If you are a FAN of the book!
This is a must see!!  I loved this book for so many different reasons, it was the eye opener I needed, finally  a book that cut out all the BS and, gave it to us females straight, It allowed us to empower ourselves and each other to dump the unhealthy relationships!
And if you didn’t read the book and you are stuck in a rut…  Then you are “wasting the pretty”
So, instead of lying to ourselves we could finally do the decent and self-respecting thing, by letting go of a dead-end relationship!  
Trust me you will not be disappointed!  You WILL have your AHH MOMENT!  I swear by Oprah( ha ha )

I compiled a list of my favorite reasons why a relationship did not work-out… Enjoy!!

Things I have heard or used myself:

1.  He’s intimidated by my success, beauty, smarts! 
Um, NO!  You’re not intimidating!  Because,  if a man wants that in a women he will be all over your success, beauty and smarts…  Sorry…  He just wasn’t that into you… 

2.  He’s just not ready; he wants to play the field a little bit before he settles down!! 
PFFFF whatever!  This is one that I had to read over and over again!  No he wasn’t into me ENOUGH! 

3.  He is really busy!  In this day in age, there is NO excuse!  You deserve a phone call, a text, an email, and instant message (even if it is offline)  If a man is missing you, he will get in touch even if its by a messenger pigeon

4.  In a moment of weakness you call him…If he doesn’t get back to you that same week you left a message… GUESS WHAT???  He wasn’t THAT into you!  And trust me if you are stuck to your cell phone waiting for a call…  You GET WHAT YOU DESERVE…  ESP.  IF YOU KEEP IT GOING ON FOR MONTHS…  ITS YOUR FAULT FOR BEING A DUMMY… waiting and wishing, never got anybody anywhere!  Don’t waste the pretty…

5.  And my PERSONAL FAVORITE:  HE STRUNG ME ALONG…  HE LEAD ME ON…  HE LEAD ME TO BELIEVE….  NO NO AND NO!!!  No such thing!  And if you read the book…  You will learn that he lead you on because you allowed IT!  Take responsiblity for YOUR actions!!!  You will become a better dater and person for it!

That’s my story… I am sticking to it.  If I offend I don’t mean to…
If I hit a nerve ask yourself WHY?  And then go out and read the book! 
It will change your life!  It did mine! 
Which is why I am married now! 
(thank you I will be here all week!)


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