My 20’s

6 Feb

I cannot remember a more heartbreaking and awkward time in my life! I hated my20’s…  I had a “friend” who read my palm once.  He said he had never had a wrong prediction yet!   This is what he told me:
(I was 22 at the time)

You will not find love until you are in your late 20’s maybe even early 30’s.  (I thought to myself GREAT!  I am going to be miserable for the next ten years, that is when I thought happiness was defined my a man)

You will have two children a boy and a girl( Well, he was kinda right but, I guess he didn’t see the twins)

You will have health problems…  You will have a few near death expirences( I have had two…. and he is absolutely right about the health problems)

Blah… I never wanted to put too much stock into anything he told me.  I kinda dissmissed it as a parlor trick.  I often think back at that period of time in my life…  And, wish I could go back and teach myself  so, much.  I am wise beyond my years. Unfortunately it’s because I had to learn things the hard way. 
The one thing that has always remained constant was the support from my parents, even though at times when I needed them the most they turned their backs on me.  Tough love.  It sucked but I am glad they did it!  It made me who I am! 
I am going to turn 33 in a week.  And I look back at these three years and I smile!  Being 30 is fabulous!  When I became 30 I welcomed it with open arms!  Here is to another fabulous year!

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