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S***** Reality STEVE!!

11 Feb

You know, he’s really not s***** and I LOVE reading his blog click here to read it.  He is witty and smart and sarcastic!  He says what I am thinking…  (No not really…  He is pretty damn on target)

I have never been one for reality TV, Ok, and that is a lie!  I was a Real World junkie…  For a min but, then it got really stupid and I stopped watching it… 

I got sucked into the Bachelor I have already told you..   You can read all about it in a couple of blogs down. 
But, now here comes this Reality Steve…  Claiming to know some “exclusive” behind the scenes story!   He has given us these clues…  That make NO sense…  GRRRR…  clues like K moon/rebbecca and 2/3 Montreal they are damn near impossiable to decifer.  IT SUCKS!
I want to know what HE KNOWS…  So, on my down time I have stalked the MB to see what other people have come up with.  I have now turned it into a daily laugh fest because I am just so amused with what other people have to say!  IT makes me smile…   

It’s bad enough I have sunk to new levels and am watching the Bachelor BUT, I have now sunk to an all new low and am stalking MB! 



Hey! Really I am HAPPY!

11 Feb

First off, I want to say…  For the first time ever in my life, I am happy…  Truly 100% happy…  I really have nothing to complain about,  I made the commitment to get off the drama llama a while back, that I needed to really take responsibility for the things that I can control, and not what is out of my control…
 I told myself I would go into the new year  with open arms and with a positive attitude…  And I have stuck to it…  And it’s wonderful!

My children…  Where do I start?  Straight A’s both of them…  Both of them have made Student of the month… Since, we have moved to Effingham Co.  Things with them have been awesome!!  I am truly blessed when it comes to my children!  I never really saw them being autistic a bad thing…    The twins are B-A-D!  Enough said…  My life is filled with complete fabulous-ness!  And I am really blessed I honestly have no idea how to start this…  So, much I want to talk about… 

My health issues are being resolved slowly, it’s been a struggle but, finally I have things under control.  I have gotten to the bottom of so many of my problems and I am starting to feel like a “normal” person again!  Not looking forward to my impending surgeries but, gong under is not something I think anybody is looking forward too!  (Right?)

The Lap Band!  I went to my Dr’s appt and was nervous this is something I want so bad…  I am headed 4 Skinny-dom about the second week in March!  Excited–Doesn’t even cover it! It’s going to be an uphill battle.  They have my goal weight @ 125 (YIKES) Honestly?  I really think I am going to plateau @ about 135-140 It’s the weight I know I look good at.  Plastic surgery is most likely going to be in the beginning of next year!  WOW!  I cannot believe this is all within my reach.  I would love to have people who have had the lap band before contact me and let me know what I need to expect!

My marriage has been a work in progress.  Getting use to being a military wife has been an adjustment to me.  Jason of course leaves for school the month I am going to need him the most…  APRIL!  See gotta love the military!  And really I do!  I am very proud of what he is doing! And all I have to say to him it’s about damn time!!

I am happy!  I know life is a roller coaster but, if this what absolute contentment in life feels like…  Then I will take it!