And the weekend ends slow dancing to Kenny Rodgers!!

15 Feb

I had an awesome weekend!  Bruised knees, short friend hair and all! 
What can I say about my Valentine’s Day but, “AMAZING” (he he)
The day started with a Komen event at Savannah High School…   I love doing things like that!  It was awesome!  I love brining awareness to people especially the college school age,  early detection  is so important… 
So, I left the event with a sense of accomplishment!  It resonated in my soul…  That left me drunk on happiness…  What an awesome feeling…! 
That’s how I started my night. 

I knew honey had an evening planned for us, I am not a high maintenance chick, really, I am pretty low maintenance.  So, I didn’t make (when I say “make” him, I mean I didn’t guilt him into getting me anything…  And I say guilt because that is what Valentine’s Day is all about GUILT) him get me roses, chocolates, expensive gifts…  Is a matter of a fact I am pretty much anti- valentine’s day… 
But, we have been going and going,  and we have hardly any alone time.  So, when he told me he had a sitter I was more then happy to get all dressed up and leave for the evening!

The first stop we made was…  Getting my hair fixed… (HEHE)
Then off we went… we ended up,  at sushi restaurant (yummy rolls –  um, yummy) after we stuffed out faces…  And were fat and happy(honey is making sure he takes me to all our favorite places because, we will not be able to enjoy food together like, we like, to)

We proceeded to the movies…  and we went and saw “He’s just not that into you” ( Which I will be blogging about most likely not tonight) A movie I wanted to see…  It was great!! 
(PSST  The movie is a must see!!)

Then we went to River Street(I got a strawberry daiquiri from Wet Willies) and sat in silence and talked every once in awhile…   Mainly about the movie (hehe we have a ton of inside jokes that go way back in the day)
Being alone with him was all I needed to have a perfect night even if it just was watching the boats go by(and every once in a while we made out like teenagers–  What can I say?  I have a hot husband!!)…

Well the evening came to end but, not without a slow dance from my beloved(honey) to  Kenny RogersShe Believes in Me”… 
We danced in each other’s arms under the stars and he sang to me…  (I know how sappy is that…?!?!)

Even with my short frizzy hair my husband still made me feel like the most beautiful women!  Have I told you how much I love my husband?  If I haven’t…  then I have the most wonderful husband… 
y wish for all you single fabulous women is I hope you find true love like mine…   Everybody deserves to feel like a princess!!


One Response to “And the weekend ends slow dancing to Kenny Rodgers!!”

  1. Shawna Chaplin February 17, 2009 at 11:38 am #

    I love it girl. And thanks for the wish us single woman find a man as wondeful as Jason. Im gld Ive already snagged mine. And I dont think we’ll eb able ot join on April 18th. :-(( makes em very sad

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