You always have one in the crowd!!

15 Feb

I really love going to the movies. 
It’s a rare fabulous luxury that I do not take lightly! It’s one I barely get to partake in… So, when I go I really like to enjoy myself…  I want the other people who pay good money to enjoy themselves as well!  So, I make sure that I am a courteous movie patron, I want it to be a win-win situation, but, you always have that one stupid person!  Yes, I said stupid, what else can I call it, the one that has no regard for the people around them!!  They leave their cell phones on, talk  during the movie, text… GRRRR…. 
So, you will never see me  partake in these very rude behaviors:

I do not take my cell phone into the movie…  UNLESS I am with girlfriends, honey is not at home and I have a sitter at home.  So, if I  happen to get a call I will excuse myself and check it.
I do not TEXT
AND if I do happen to take my phone in I make sure that I TURN OFF THE RINGER!!!

What makes this funny is the theaters want you to have a very enjoyable expirenc3e as well and they even have these nifty reminders, please turn off your phone, don’t text blah blah blah… You know it’s not rocket science… 
Normally, I like to think of myself as a pretty even keeled person…  BUT, here is a warning to all movie goers…  If you do happen to end up at the same movie I do, and you leave your phone on and your cell phone rings…  While I  am trying to enjoy a movie  MY INNER MADEA WILL COME OUT! 

It never fails you always have one dumbass in the crowd! 


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