Ahh.. Yes, and I had Emergency surgery.. I did forget to mention that…

5 Mar

So, I really have been trying to get better about blogging, and of course life happened and I was set back A-GAIN! I am feeling much much better! But, here is the email that Honey sent out to friends:

I to write and let you know what has been happening over the weekend, since there is probably some unanswered emails hanging in cyberspace. Friday night I took her to the Emergency Room for severe abdominal pain. From what they could tell, she had an ovarian cyst rupture, possibly through the philopian tubes causing some really painful burning. At the same time, she was diagnosed to have a strangulated hernia, where the fatty tissue had grown around and actually into it putting her at risk of that rupturing and her becoming septic. Effingham county hospital released her on pain meds, and she followed up with her doctor the next morning, who told her if she had any more pain to go into Candler. I took her to Candler Sunday night, and we were in the ER from about 8pm until just after 1pm Monday when they finally decided they were going to take her into surgery. She went into surgery just after 4:30 yesterday (Monday), and came out around 6, when they moved her up to a room, funny enough on the Pediatric floor due to a shortage of beds. The surgeon told me that everything went well and there were no complications. Besides being sore from the incisions along with the sore throat from being incubated, she somehow had a reaction to one of the antibiotics they gave her or possibly the IV contrast for the CT scan (they think), and broke out with hives and is miserable. She got released yesterday just after noon, and is home now and resting on lots of pain meds and muscle relaxers, as well as Benadryl for the hives. She will be on bed rest for about the next three days or so, and won’t quite be up to sitting on the computer. I’ll be checking email to pass on anything

Just think one surgery down.. Two more to go! So, much for trying to do everything at once!


One Response to “Ahh.. Yes, and I had Emergency surgery.. I did forget to mention that…”

  1. FXSmom March 7, 2009 at 11:50 am #

    ouchie!! Been there…NOT FUN!!

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