Hodge Podge of Stuff!!!

24 Mar

I have been busy!  I miss blogging so much…  When I am gone for any amount or time, aside from my husband I feel like the “muse stalkers” who follow me are the ONLY ones that understand me!  He He…  I call you my stalkers because, you guys read my blog incognito… he he…   Every once in awhile I will get an email that says “ WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!” I MISS YOU!!!  Only then do I realize that people are reading my blogs! 
I am well on my way to recovery!  I feel fantastic!  Everything in my body is working like it should for the first time in years! 
I will leave it at that… 

Honey and the National Gaurd Super Boat

Honey and the National Gaurd Super Boat




St. Patty’s Day weekend was VERY interesting!  I feel AWESOMELY GOOD that I have been dubbed “THE COOLEST WIFE EVER!!!”  Well the actual statement was “DUDE YOU HAVE THE COOLEST CHICK!!”  WAHH HOOOO!!!
 I tend to think that, YES, HONEY DID END UP WITH THE “PICK OF THE LITTER”!( BIG SMILE!!)  But, it’s always nice to have somebody(s) else say it as well!!  
The day of St. Patty’s Day…(hmmmmm)  All I got to say is, me and Murphy we like dis- crosses fingers as in BFF and does the eye to eye thing…  Karma has a way of working itself out!!  And Thank you sweet Karma…
MY DAY WAS MADE… I could not do anything but, laugh!!  (AND laugh I DID… Giggle even!!)

My handsome twins!!

My handsome twins!!


Everybody on the boat!

Everybody on the boat!

The boys had a blast and the children riding the boat!  Seeing their faces…  It made my heart smile, they had the best time.  Even though Victoria fell asleep during the parade Ha Ha(who does that?), and my son even made a friend that day!
If the National Guard Super boat is in the parade a-gain next year,  we are going to get them an Autism Awareness Flag because, that is what it was all about!  The Driver Scott and Throttle man  Eddie are very passionate about Autism

Honey, Scott and Ed

Honey, Scott and Ed


Honey’s Face was covered by kisses and his neck in beads!  The standing oblations and support the National Guard got from the City of Savannah WAS FABULOUS!!  And you know what?  These men deserve it!!  Thank you Savannah for your support!!




 Honey was spotted a couple of times…  Once I find the pictures I will post the link!

In other annoying news…TWO BIG THUMBS down to our beloved President!  Way to GO PREZ….  That special Olympics comment… was tacky and hurtful…  You might have apologized to the President of the Special Olympics but, what about the parents, teachers and everybody else you offended!???  I guess we don’t count…  No, we are just living with special needs children day in and day out, for the rest of our lives…  I am glad you got your comedic 15 mins of fame with our children being the punch line….  And I guess they will always be the ASS END of jokes…
 I bet you and your cabinet make “short bus jokes”
 Well I will say it LOUD AND PROUD! 
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  If I wasn’t afraid of the Men in Black coming and taking me away…  I would call you a good bit of names!  VERY UNCOOL PRESIDENT OBAMA!
Ok now that I have that off my chest… 

If you happen to be a supporter…  Don’t bother with your emails, curses or voodoo dolls…  I will not post your ugly comments either.
You have no idea what it’s like…  I would be upset if anybody who was a TV star or anybody in a position of power making a statement like that!  As you can see from my earlier post I keep my political preferences to myself…  I am not a hater…  I would call anybody out who made a comment like that!

Alrighty and that is that…  I am going to do a post about Melissa( from the Bachelor ) but, I just wanted to hang out and see what she was like on DWTS…  Be on the lookout in the next few days! 



One Response to “Hodge Podge of Stuff!!!”

  1. FXSmom April 2, 2009 at 11:35 am #

    we stalk…therefore we are…lol and yes we do miss you…very much when u r away

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