Numbers 2400 and some…

24 Apr

I wish I could find mine and Honey’s race numbers, that is what I wanted to put for the headline for this blog… 

Savannah, GA had its first Race for the Cure April 18th, 2009.  It was a site to behold, if you could not make it this year…  Please try and make it next year, I will keep you @ my house or my parents house!  We can caravan to the race site in my NEW mini-van (ha-ha– more on that later…)

I did sign up to participate in the race but, I did not get a chance to…  I set the goal to walk the 5K in 45 mins, I will do one in of the surrounding races and maybe I will even get a chance to run it…
I was in charge of decorating  the survivor trolley, and  had an unexpected surprise  little did I know Paula Deen was going to be riding with the survivors, and  being a board member I  was given the privilege to ride with her and the survivors…  What a wonderful personality Paula has!  I did get a picture taken with her and yeah, I was star struck! 
Our ride was lengthened by the 3000 + runners/walkers that we had to let pass…

I will tell you what…  In that moment nothing else mattered…  I watched the race participants go by and I was in complete AWWWWW….

 Savannah really came through for us…  I was in shock … 
I almost lost in that moment and teared up  it several times that day but, it wasn’t until survivor/board member/friend  handed me a pink potted plant from the survivor event that I finally cried! 
It could not have been pulled off without all the volunteers that were recruited…  If you could only see the behind the scenes like I did I want to say we over 200 volunteers!  AMAZING!!

Honestly?  It’s beyond words, around 15 years ago(this month), my beloved grandmother died of Breast Cancer…  She donated her body to the City of Hope so, that women/men would have a chance to live were she didn’t…  Mom’s you didn’t die in vian…   You… Are…  The…  Reason… 

Quoted from the movie from a movie Field of Dreams “If you build it they will come…” and they did…  Thank you everybody for your passion… 

If you would like to see more pictures please click here




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