Is it really cheating AND, why on earth do I watch these cheesy A** show’s…?

6 Aug

SOOO, Jillian…  The most boring Bachelorette in history gets engaged to Ed… (Personally, I would have chosen the dude that has the wine distillery… but, that is cause I am a wine drinker and…  Well…  COME ON who wouldn’t want their own personal arsenal of wine anytime they wanted it…  If your into wine.. ) Blah blah blah… 
So, on the off chance you don’t watch the show, it appears many-of you don’t…  The guy she chose,  Ed left the show for work reasons, then he comes back and  asks for Jill for a second chance and she gives him one…  No biggie  we have all done that…  OK, maybe you haven’t done it…  I was a serial dater, not to be confused with a serial bed hopper, never really was interested in playing hide the pickle with multiple men…
After everything is said and done and the last rose has been given out…   Now two women are coming forth saying that they were ALSO dating/sleeping with/doing to weddings with  Ed while he was on the show and, even after he got engaged… 
Now, I have to ask you something…  Is it really cheating…??  All these contestants on the show are dating 25 and in this case 30 men…  Your in hot tubs, making out. kissing, holding hands in front of TV and these other people you are dating( kinda takes voyeurism to a whole new level huh??)
Back to Jill days before the big proposal Jill was in a few of these compromising soft porn at times situations:
1. She was in a hot tub with Reid, sans clothing
2. She could not stop making out with Kiptyn the day before she got engaged.
3. She had an overnight date with Kiptyn
4. She went into hot tubs with Kiptyn
5. Moments before she accepted Ed’s proposal, she was freaking out about Reid’s proposal.
Now let me ask you this: If you were Ed, and your future fiance had done and of 1-5 above within 72 hours of you geting engaged to her, would this  bother you???  Of course it would! 

Come on!!  He was getting everything  in before he settled down(hehe)…  it’s no different then a “man’s bachelor” party…  Come on!  give it a break! 

Now what I cannot understand is why I continue to watch this show!  I lose IQ points every single time I turn on the TV!! 
Now let me ask you…  If all these allegations are true…  Did Ed really cheat on Jill??


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