Watch who does your taxes ( Part 2 of D’s Craptastic YEAR)

25 Aug


It’s funny how you are reminded that your life is not your own and in a nano-second things can change!


You want to talk about a turn of events…
Because, of an error my life has been turned upside as of right now I have no light at the end of the tunnel… Maybe soon that will change BUT, as of right now as I type these words… Let me check again…

Nope no light…

I really cannot do any finger pointing because at this point in time I really do not know what happened, and I most likely never will but, I guess that is the way life goes.
At least in my world…
Sooo.. I guess here goes.
This is a situation that is kind of a hard pill to swallow. When I say I have swallowed humble pie, I mean we have.
Where to start…???

Lets start with INCOME TAX season it’s always exciting ( accept when you have to pay…)

Our W-2’s came in Late Jan, we  took our  taxes to an accountant in Savannah, GA…

Around Mid- Feb we got a phone call saying our taxes where done, the IRS found a mistake ( in our favor)that she had made a mistake and that our taxes were corrected, the accountant said, we would be  getting more money back… (YIPPEE)
She told us “The money is going to be dropping very soon, give it about two weeks or so…” A phrase I was going to VERY use to hearing…
So, one month goes…Two months go…
And FINALLY I told Jason he needed to give the IRS a call.   And he did… We found out that the IRS had in-fact paid us (March 13 and state went in- Feb 28),  Ready for this–  it just went into another account.  So the IRS told us to fill out this form( either 1139 or 3911 I always transpose this number)
Jason went the accountant with the information that he had found, and she did in fact tell him that-(paraphrased) she did put the money in the wrong bank account but, that she was “putting a trace on it” to see where the money went to… (Another term I got use to hearing)  And she asked Jason to please not fill out the form and sendit in…  She said it would put her business at a stand still  and we don’t want to put anybody out like that…  He accepted this and did not send in the form.   
Let just add this– I am ignorant to tax laws and I really don’t know my head from my booty when it comes to things like this… So we took her at her word.
The first red flag was when, we called the IRS again, and come to find out no trace had been done to our account …  The other red flag that just hit Jason and I like a ton of bricks was:
Back he went – to talk to the accountant again, and she said:
The Government had frozen $ 12,000 of her money because they had to double check before releasing the money- called a “tack”…
Thinking about it now:  “DOLORES HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID!!”
On the flip side to that: Accountants speak Greek to me and I took this person’s word… Again let me say I really don’t know what actually happened, and I cannot do any finger pointing, nor will I until this matter is resolved. Back to the Story…:
Week after week… We got the “Your money will drop any day now” “Your money will drop any day now”…
We did call everyday, we did check on our stuff, we did not let this slide because we needed the money…
Alright so, as if we didn’t have THAT to worry about…

Our lives were spilling out of control at a rate of speed my head is still turning Lets see:
Jason was laid off from Uncle Sam (gotta love those budget cuts) and we lost a considerable income. 
We filled for  unemployment but, the state of GA was  so behind unemployment didn’t   kick in until 8 weeks AFTER he applied (we got hit on all ends)…
Any money we had was gone – Savings account was totally depleted
Oh yes!!  Let the good times roll haha( at least I still have a sense of humor)

Back to the story…:
Finally after weeks of “your money will drop any day now” …
I called the IRS and got the same information accept this time, I went ahead and filled the necessary paperwork (its either 1139 or 3911 ) and faxedit in… I felt really bad doing so, and I can’t even tell you why.  Contray to popular opinon I am a nice person.  I do have a heart…  ( SHHH don’t tell anybody)
 A couple of weeks go by and basically after many many many phone calls the IRS finally gives us an answer, and in “Dolores speak” the letter reads something like this:
“ Hey sorry we cannot help you because, WE HAVE ALREADY PAID YOU STOP BOTHERING US!!!”
We made one last phone call to the IRS. FINALLY somebody with an open mind helped us. And honestly the IRS has been very helpful it’s just that their hands are tied.
The guy explained everything to us in terms we can understand.
What happened was the person who did our taxes didn’t put her EIN or SS # as a preparer on our taxes so; it was made to look like we did our own taxes.   And we put them into the bank account listed. The Bank account that our money went to, it went to wasn’t even an authorized dealer that deals with practitioners (Jackson Hewitt, H and R block have a handful of banks that they use, and the bank routing number wasn’t on the list).

Shockingly enough, The IRS gave us the bank account and routing number- I guess after the investigation they can do that… Because, we are now in possession of that, it did go into an “open” bank account, and the numbers?
Not even CLOSE to our bank account. Is a matter of a fact this went into a “business account”.
This particular bank that was used- personal bank accounts start with a 1 and business accounts start with a 2… Needless to say this account started with a 2…
Maybe you’re thinking OH MY… the IRS broke all kinds of laws by giving you this bank account number… YOU MIGHT BE SCREAMING PRIVACY ACT!!
Well… even us having this bank account number… It’s not like we can do anything with it. We are not authorized users; the only thing we can do is… deposit money.

You would think it’s a really simple cut and dry case. Taxes go into wrong bank account; we should get our money no problem?
WRONG! If you only knew the hoops we are going through to try and recover money that is OURS!
It’s been a nightmare. And, like I said…
We have no end in sight. It’s not as black and white as it seems. You have all kinds of shades of grey… Let me say this, I know the Taxes laws more then I ever wanted to and it sucks being on this end of things! Listen ya’ll… Learn from this: A. Always see your taxes

OK, now I have to go and eat worms and hide my head in the sand… Listen wake me up when this year ends OK?


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