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My Savannah, GA Bucketlist…

21 Sep

I really look forward to my new adventure… I mean Atlanta ( How can I NOT be excited!!??)
But, the thought of leaving my beloved Savannah – My heart is sinking a little…   Been here since 1993 it’s been the most stable home I have ever had… 
So, I am going to make the most out of my time…

Here is my Savannah, GA bucket list

This year I will do the bridge run/walk…  I have a fear of bridges…  What a great way to conqueror my fear- I just need to get my booty in shape…  Starting NOW!

Go on a ghost tour( I have been on three but, I want to take the one that starts at midnight)

Pig out at the Casbah ( LOVE THAT PLACE)

Take pictures at the Bonaventure Cemetery

Do another sunset  Dolphin Tours

Take a ride on the Savannah River Queen

Eat fair food at the State Fair-Go to a Haunted House ( Ugh. Can you say Chicken S***)

Eat cheese and drink wine at Mienheart Vinyards

Go to Butterducks winery

Go to October Fest and watch the wiener races

Go to the Savannah Theater and watch something (anything really!!)

Para-sail ;-D

Eat at the Pirate House

Eat at Uncle Bubba’s

Go to Oatland Island

I am sure I have forgotten something…  Hey can you help me add to my Savannah, GA Bucket list??

Word-Less Wednesday!

16 Sep
The Queen Bee!!

The Queen Bee!!

Summer wrap up!!!!

7 Sep

Summer of 09… 
I have been wrapped up in my own drama, I didn’t take time to smell the roses, I have been too consumed in my own misery that even though “life is bad” it could always be worse!
One of my blogging buddies Dizzy Girl wrote an end of summer blog,  and I realized that if I took a long look at the things that happened during the summer, it was ALL that bad… 
As summer of 09 closes..  I can honestly say it’s one of the BEST summers I have had in years…:

I met my husband’s Niece and Nephew and they told me I was “cool” and “I was the best auntie EVER” They taught me teenagers are moody, but, I can learn a BUNCH from them!!   I miss them every day! 
I went on my first Dolphin Cruise.
Cooled off at Splash in the Boro
Hung out at Sunbury
We went to the Beach and made a sand castle (and had a clam land on my nephew), I saw Sting Ray’s in the wild!
We ate a HUGE pizza from Sweet Melissa’s (YUMMY)
I rescued three doggies (I don’t think I will do that again! Ha Ha)
I took a photography class (Thank you Rowe Photographers)
Went to Hilton Head Island while a hurricane was passing through (about) 200 miles offshore
Watched the Fireworks on Ft. Stewart from the top of the Farris Wheel (could not have planned that any better) nothing beats accidental romance!
Stayed in the pool until I turned into a prune…
Eat Watermelon until I couldn’t move..
Had somebody pay it forward to my family (double and then some…) – Went to China, Morocco, Paris and Germany… I made wish on Tinker bell, I rode Dumbo and I got to be a KID!  (OH yeah…  And the kids had a wonderful time too! Ha Ha)

At times it was so humid you could cut the air with a knife…
Miley Cyrus (local stalking case click here) came and wrecked havoc on our lil sleepy town (joke)…  Now bring on Robert Redford…
We had some really wicked (awesome) storms…
Summer heat=BAD tempers – And when the President of the USA started talking about “Public Health Care”  people started losing fingers…
Fires are raging in California (still)
I saw the city of Richmond Hill come together when they lost one of their own

We lost several icons (RIP):

Farrah Fawcet
Michael Jackson
Senator Kennedy
Eunice Kennedy
Billy Mays
David Carridine
Karl Malden
Ed McMahon

The summer time brought many burdens on our family, but, if I really take the time and look at everything that happened, I think in this instance the good out weighs the bad…  And with falls comes a new set of adventures:

A new job for honey (God willing)
A Move– Our last day at this house is Oct 31,09 good bye Muscadine vines and Effingham Co.  – A new adventure awaits us (A move to a new part of GA away from my beloved Savannah)
Me working full-time on my “secret project” – I have a deadline of the end of the year! 
The end to all this TAX drama (one way or another details to come )