Once it’s said…

4 Dec

You can’t take it back!! 

Ok I know I said I was going to do a follow-up blog on my last post but, all this Tiger Woods stuff has me thinking about “life”…   

Have you ever been intoxicated, and / or acted on impulse(BAD  very very BAD!!)… Then hopped on –  myspace, facebook’d, or Twitter’d…  And just put your business “out-there” and then regretted it?

  I have…  I am totally guilty!   Ugh. 

Not some of my finer moments… 

Always remember this…  Somebody is always watching your blog, MySpace’d,twitter page, and /or Facebook’d!  Everybody is reading your thoughts-  You will have a couple of stalkers!  ( ex’s are always GREAT for that so, are frenimes( ex friends) and people who just don’t like you!!!) 
Let’s not forget –  Friends of friends, family, you name it will get read …  Even if you only have it up for a couple of seconds…  It will get read!

So if your intoxicated…  Put the phone down…  Don’t get on the computer!!
If you have a tendency to be an “emotional” poster” then before you post…  Call a friend…  Go for a walk…  Do anything but POST!  Think about it and the repercussions it could have in the very end! 
Listen…  Take if from somebody who…  is an emotional poster…! 
Be the better person!  You will feel better if you just take the high road in the end…  What ever it is will pass…  Tomorrow is another day…  and yes you will get through whatever drama is happening!  Trust me on this!! 

Just be the better person!  Take it from somebody that has been on both sides of the coin..  I can look at myself in the mirror with dignity if I just keep my BIG mouth shut!


One Response to “Once it’s said…”

  1. Chris Cree December 11, 2009 at 8:05 am #

    I remind folks, especially the younger ones who can at times be less discerning, that what we put online is pretty much forever what with Google caching and all. As a general rule I tell people not to post anything they don’t want their mothers or potential future employers to see.

    That drunk or emotional rant could keep ’em from getting a job or promotion years down the road. If they think their employers aren’t going to be doing thorough pre-employment Google searches they’re in serious denial!

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