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Things I wish I could say… But, can’t…

2 Jan

Things you wish you could tell somebody but, can’t… It’s very free-ing you should try it!!

1. You might have lost a good bit of weight but, really you cannot wear a two piece , or anything showing your belly its gross… you are not 21 any more… and you don’t have a body of a 21-year-old… Sorry to say but, you most likely never will, PLEASE cover up, or get better/honest friends that will not allow you to go out in public in a two piece. or anything tight or anything that shows your belly..

2. Not all the plastic surgery in the world can make you beautiful… It has to come from within… And you have a VERY UGLY HEART!!!

3. You are a psychosomatic insane sick person… YOU are not sick you are just sick in the head!…

4. Face it he will never love you like her loved her..

5. Please stop begging for stuff, it takes away from your accomplishments, how does it feel that you have begged for half of the stuff you have earned… Earn something on your own… It will make you feel better…

6. You sense of entitlement is very annoying… Nobody owes you anything…

7. I’m sorry YOU couldn’t break the cycle with your daughter, maybe she might break the cycle with her children…

8. Stop biting the hand that feeds you!!!

9. He’s just not that into you…(yes I had to put that one)

10. Eventually everybody is going to see right through you, I think that is what you are afraid of… And you should be!!

11. Dump her already or stop complaining about it… I am sick of hearing about it!

12. Don’t you think if he wanted to work things out he would have done so. He doesn’t want to get back together! Trust me! You are better off!!

13. Yes, your daughter has an alternative lifestyle we all know it… Just face it, be honest so, we can stop talking about it behind your back! Be proud of what she has done…. Who she loves doesn’t make her what she is! it’s what is inside!!

14, I am glad you are not over me or your other women… Maybe this go around you will make things right by her..

15, I hate that you are not open-minded!!

16. Even though I shouldnt’ put this one- But, I hope your husband puts you through everything you put me through this year… You knew it was wrong …

17 You’re a much nicer person when you are not drinking AND I don’t need your lectures…

I think that is it! I am sure that you have things you wish you could just get off your chest.. I did one before but, I am too lazy to try to find it!

Good Bye Craptastic- Hello Fabulous!! (Year In Review)

1 Jan

Crapstastic year in review cliff notes version…

Threw out back and to include pulling ligaments in hips

Emergency Hernia Repair
Ruptured ovarian cyst

Husband lost full-time National Gaurd Active Duty Job
Recovering from surgery and sick

Honey filies for unemployment
Still sick
Accountant confessed to us- she put our money in the wrong account and that she was working to get our money back…
The Good-
Savannah 1st Annual Race for the Cure was a complete success… Congrats Komen! Y’all did a fabulous job and it’s something to be proud of, I know I am!!!

Still unemployed, still sucking, still waiting for our money
Still waiting for unemployment check
I was sick for the ENTIRE month!! ( No kidding)

I am still sick
Niece accidentally finds inappropriate text messages and “pictures” from Sarah Hoppe his friendly College Advisor
Honey FINALLY gets unemployment check because the State is THAT backed up with people filing
Ended a friendship with the most spoiled, selfish, inconsiderate person I have EVER met and I met Satan so she is pretty bad!!

The Good ( Finally)
Got to meet my awesome niece and nephew for the first time ( I didn’t even know they existed…) the month was fabulous and, we had the best time the BEST month of the year!!!
Still waiting for out money..

I am still sick
My husband takes back neice and nephew to Michigan and makes plans to meet his college advisor(Ashford College-Sarah Hoppe while he is up in ( even though she is married)
Honey still unemployed(
We start getting behind on bills savings is running out
Filed for food stamps
Still waiting on income tax money that accountant said she was getting for us…
The Good
Satan got us tickets to Disney ( 5 days passes to all the parks) and hotel – Boy did that come back and bite us in the ass… Lesson learned nothing in this life is for free! None the less we had a great time and the kids had a wonderful time!!

Still sick
Still unemployed
Was approved for food stamps
Did an IRS investigation and come to find out shady stuff happened to our INCOME TAX basically it was stolen…

Still very sick…
Landlords had a buyer to sell the house and we have untill the Oct 31 to get out…
GREAT NEWS!!! Honey got Full time National Gaurd Active Duty… (Job security for three years)
Husband leaves for Atlanta Sept 30th
Satan allows her to live with her family, which turns into a less than desirable situation to include her… lying about having stage four cervical cancer.. All this time, BOTH honey and I remain supportive friends, Honey even goes to the ER with her during toa couple of her  daily visits…
Still waiting on Income Tax

Sammy(our Samoyed) died of a heart attack
I had to put my letter of intent to Komen for resignation which broke my heart and I miss them SOOO much my heart still hurts!!!
Still waiting on Income Tax
Oct 28th I have a partial hysterectomy, I have complications, I came home with a foley bag and I have to leave it in for 14 days… I am miserable…
Satan’s husband seems to think Honey and her are going to “do something”… Which I can honestly say… was NOT going to happen…
While my husband is up in ATL he makes plans to meet Sarah Hoppe ( the same one in July) which puts a HUGE strain on our marriage BUT, since I am going into surgery I cannot go into surgery with negative thoughts, so this has to be tabled…
Satan kicks husband out because I hurt her feelings…
The Good
Husband now lives in the barracks (YAY)!!!

Still waiting on our income taxes( we have people working on this…)
Nov 5 go in to the hospital for shortness of breath and they find PE(s) in all of my lobes- I was told had I not gone in when I did I would have been dead by the weekend!
I bleed out through my stitches and they gave me 2 pints of blood
This is what I call my own personal HELL!!!

Still waiting on income taxes
Weekly Dr’s visits
Brother left for Afghanistan he is (special ops)
I have swelling of the brain (WE were getting to the bottom of this!)
In the Hospital a day before New Years ( but I got out )
I now I have a TON of meds I have to take, and I have a buncha of Dr’s I have to see but, I am alive…

All in all, it was a shitty year! (Yeah I cussed… I did… ) No other way to put it.
What I did learn from this year that I have a wonderful support system and I have the best friends a gal could ask for!! Even those I didn’t know would pray for me and give me support did…. My husband did misbehave BUT he did save my life, I do have a TON to be thankful for.. I think saving somebody’s life trumps misbehaving especially since it was mine. As for Sarah… I hope she finds the happiness and horniness she wants… Just not with my husband!

Other things I can smile about…
I have a roof over my head… Food on the table and I had an awesome Christmas!!!
On a funny note:
I am no longer being called an “adulteress“((Can you really be called an “adulteress even if your not married? Even though when I was accused of the dirty deed I was going through cervical treatments… Trust me I was not playing hide the pickle, not to mention recovering from a pin stroke… ) – She has other things to take her attention away -HAHAHAHA At least I can laugh about it now! IT was very upsetting at one point in time! I’d acutally love a public apology telling everybody that she lied but, I know Iwill never get it… One can dream right??
Honey has a steady stable job, my health is getting back on track and I am joining Weight Watchers right after I hit publish! I am going to be healthy and HOT!! I have four healthy beautiful children… And even though this is the WORST year EVER and I mean it! I really do have a great deal to be thankful for!!!!

I am hoping that the humbling I got this year doesn’t leave me and I never forget anything I have been through… When you are staring death in the face it kinda does something to you! I want to be a better, happier person.. I will always be me but, I am hoping that the lessons I have learned have made me wiser and stronger… If you can go through what I have been, trust me you can get through anything!!

Happy 2010 CHEERS!!!