Try a little tenderness!

14 Apr

On the wake of  the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure… 
This race  is different from last year’s for a few different reasons.

1.  I am not a board member.  It’s different being on this side of the table.  Whereas, I MISS  serving… I know I did the right thing all the way around… For my health, for the organization, for my family…   Everything happens for a reason!

2.  The 2 xl Shirt… NO MO!  Happy TRAINER BOB!  HA!!!!  Y’all as of TODAY!  I have a total weight loss of… 34 pounds!  This year… (as I hold my head up high VERY HIGH… In all the hotness that surrounds me… ROLLS EYES…HAHA… I even rolled my eyes ) I am a XL!!!  YAY!

3.   My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb. So, I kinda figured my mom and I were going to become this “breast cancer crime fighting duo…”  How wrong was I?  
Very…  It’s been the hardest thing I have ever had to watch my mom go through.  I’m waiting for the day she finds her “fight”… So, I guess my inital approach was all wrong. 
And now… 
I just let her tears flow… 
I just let her be her…  
I let her talk
And I don’t…  I just listen…  I have nothing to say… 
So, “mum” is the word!  Not the flower  As in “Keep your unfiltered mouth shut Dolores!”
I’ve just shown a little tenderness… 
However, in doing that…  It’s putting holes in my shell… 
(actually, I’m thinking my hormones are wacky!  Serious!  That’s not for my blog!  ha!)

4.  Been training for this Race since middle Jan…  So, On Sat 17, 2010. I am going to be the BEST Dolores I can be, with Honey, running next to me(NO! He,  is an incredible runner so, he’ll be meeting me at the finish line…Ha!) in a decked out stroller(Ha Our Poor BOYS!  We are putting pink ribbons on the stroller! Oh It’s not Fair-I can’t wait for the pictures!!!) and me in pig tails with pink ribbons and a pink skirt!  I’m jogging FOR YOU! And of course  For my Mom, For my Mother in Law and,  for my Beloved Grandmother(God rest your soul Moms… I am so sorry you were taken from us to soon by breast cancer!) 

5.  I have a feeling…  The tears… will be flowing very easily this Sat!  If you go…  click here for all the details


2 Responses to “Try a little tenderness!”

  1. christygriner April 17, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    good luck!

  2. tophataffairs April 22, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    Thank you!! 😀 Good to “see” You!!

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