Every tear that fell from my eye…

10 May

Something amazing happened this weekend! 
I did the Azalea Run this weekend in Savannah GA.  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!   I love these early mornings runs (I’m not a fan of afternoon races) I can’t think of another way to spend my Saturday and when I’m not racing my body feels like, it’s missing something…  

I take it very serious!  It’s not just me going “out there” and doing a 5K. 
Six months ago I was dying… 
All I could do was lie in bed and  pray… ” Please God, heal me I promise to never abuse my body EVER AGAIN!” 

I’ve had this trust issue with my body!  I have been AFRAID…  Even though I’m doing “stuff” and going above and beyond what I know I can do… I didn’t want to break out of my comfort zone.  “I can’t run fast because, what if the Dr’s are wrong and I still have a clot in my lung…” 
” What if… What if… What if…”

Sat.  May 8, 2010
5:10 Alarm goes off.  I didn’t want to get out of… It was an internal struggle. 
5:45 Eat pre-race meal
6:40 Out the door
Get to Forsyth Park about 7:30
And then it hits me…  The excitement!  And I start to take it all in…

8:00 They call runners( My favorite part)
Husband and I tell each other ” Have a good race… He says I’ll you at the finish line” 


Here starts my journey… 
I start my warm up walk…  Then my body let’s me know when it’s time to start jogging and off I went…
Then the hard part starts.
Everything in my body starts hurting…
I push through it…  Breathing(check) Stride(check) Music(check) 
My body starts REALLY hurting… I push through it…
I can’t stop…
Just MOVE… 
Just push through it..
Then, I reach my “zone” now for me this is really delicate…  Anything can throw me off…  ANYTHING!   
For this race… A twisted knee OUCH!  And I heard a pop… OUCH… 
I walk, No stopping…”Quitting is not an option…”
I would rather carry my bloody stump of my body over the finish line then QUIT!! 
My side  starts hurting…(BOO)
I keep going…
I pick it up… And start jogging( Did I tell you I’m really not allowed to jog)
No stopping! 
So, I jog and I get into another groove not the same groove I had… 
By this time I hit the 2 mile mark… and I am in pain… I can either STOP-Which means LOSER! or I can limp through this…

What did I do?
I picked up my pace and I went for the gusto!  NO MORE EXCUSES…!!  My body was screaming at me! 
(It’s Ok…  We were downtown and not to far from a hospital if my injuries are THAT bad… We could have gone in)
I turn the corner…I see the finish line…
I see the clock… I cannot! 
WILL NOT, let the clock turn over again!! 
I sprint to the finish line…  and the clock stood still! 
Another personal best!  I win! 
No more being afraid!  No more “What IF” were in my head.  It was me and my head on straight… You can do this Dolores… GO!!! GO!!!! GO!!!!…  Your doing this!  Your amazing…!!!!  YOU GO GIRL!!!!

It’s Ok I’m not the fastest runner out-there…   What matters is that I am doing something.  And I am keeping a promise!  A promise I intend to keep… 

I can’t tell you how many tears have fallen from my eyes during training and during these 5k’s…  They are all worth it!  I am sure I will be crying more tears! 
Here’s to years of more races, marathons and triathlons… 

Wouldn’t trade those tears for anything!!

3 Responses to “Every tear that fell from my eye…”

  1. Jenny May 10, 2010 at 12:10 pm #

    It’s good to push yourself, but be sure you’re being safe about it.

    I’ve known several runners who have pushed too hard and lost what they loved because they were too stubborn to listen to their bodies and their doctors. I don’t want that for you. I want you to be the fastest old lady in the nursing home…excuse me… “retirement community.”

    How else you gonna catch those hot young gardners?

  2. My Inner Muse May 12, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    I can’t wait to see you! You da bestest! ❤


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    […] rather be sleeping, and about to go and abuse my body  *excuse me* race.. If you read my blog here you’ll see my pre-race routine it doesn’t change. So… Honey and I get to Savannah […]

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