Theme song Thurs.(A Day late I know) I made IT!!!

14 May

So, From time to time- I listen to a Top 40 Station… And this song came on!  And thought this has a  I was this a nice catchy beat… I started bobbing my head… 
Didn’t think anything of it. 

Then next time I was in my car it came on again…  I listened a little closer and these lines sold me on it: 

I look up to the sky
and now the World is mine
I’ve known it all my life
I made it, I made it!
I used to dream about, the life I’m living now
I know that there’s no doubt.
I made it, I made it!

Now, I don’t have money falling from the sky!  I wish I did…  But, I feel like I do! 
YES!  I feel like a million $$  Like I can do anything!  I didn’t do it alone!  I have one person to thank-Jillian Rowe!  She pushed me believed me in me!  AND I HAVE NO intention of stopping!  I know I can do anything! 
I walk with a confidence I haven’t had in years.  I can walk into a room and think.  I am one of the “coolest” people here. 
And I don’t have to sell myself!  And why?  Because, I believe it!  Heart and SOUL!  That’s right guys I MADE IT!  It only took 34 years…  Yeah, I’m a late bloomer!  And look at what it took!  But, I’m here…  MAKING IT!!  It’s a little rap-ish…  but, I MADE IT!!


2 Responses to “Theme song Thurs.(A Day late I know) I made IT!!!”

  1. Heather May 14, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    Dude, I was so sick, I didn’t even do it.

    Bad, Heather!

  2. My Inner Muse May 14, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    It’s Ok!! 😀 Germs Suck!! You take care of you!! Get well soon!

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