The year was 1989…(Theme song Thrus)

27 May

We had just moved from Colorado Springs to Baumhoder Germany… And I HATED IT!!
Then… I started making friends…
And I started to get use to the German culture and food… and such… My family made sure we traveled
And Germany started becoming home…
You see growing up a military brat I really don’t have “hometown” home was were my dad hung his hat… And let me tell you something…
I wouldn’t take that back for nothing. for a minute I really was a little bitter but, not anymore.
I grew up with an open mind.
I grew up with a worldly mind. And you can’t take back that kind of culture.
You read about the Berlin wall coming down, I experienced it! First hand… I have rocks from it… That I chipped away…
You watch documentaries about concentration camps. I’ve been to one.
I’ve experienced history.

I’m OK with not having a hometown…
Hometown N/A I’m an Army Brat.. The WORLD is my hometown!

The year is 1989…


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