As I pass on the baton…

22 Jun

I left off running season finishing my 8th 5k, I am now training for a 10K…  Here are some of “words of wisdom” I would like to pass on… 

1.  Please to go a shoe store  and invest in a good pair of running shoes (You’re welcome)

2.  You will be nervous.  Make sure you locate a porta-potty!

3.  Steak is a bad choice for protein(on race day Ha Ha – just trust me on this!).

6.  Wick-a-way clothing is FABULOUS!!  (again you’re welcome)

7.  All you need is smart water…  TRUST ME ON THIS! 

8.  In time you develop you own routine for pre-race routine…  Don’t worry!

9.  Black Eyed Pea’s I’ve gotta Feeling fabulous song to warm up too!

10.  Drowning Pool Bodies ( he he) amazing song in the middle of the 5k when you think you are losing steam.. it will rev you up… Think about all those ex’s you’d love to beat down!!

11. INJURY!?  WHAT INJURY!  Run/walk through it…  it’s only a 5k. ( haha) JOKE!!!! 

12.  Socks are important…  my faves are Zulu… (you’re welcome)

13,  It’s NOT only a 5k, CONGRATS!! 

14.  Bear in mind 3 miles is a lot longer then it seems…  the people cheering you on, will give you the wings you need in your shoes to carry you through!  And last  .2 are hell give it all you got! 

15.   Seconds will mean the world to you! 

16.  Start hydrating two days before a race.

17.  When you see the finish line, GO!!! RUN LIKE HELL!! 

18.  Chipped races ROCK!  (you’ll see what I mean)

19.  I can’t does not exist YOU CAN!!

20.  I still don’t run an entire 5k…  don’t beat yourself up for walking! 

21.  I prefer morning races…  You might prefer races in the afternoon?  Try one of each! 

22.  Please be safe when you run and invest in a Road ID

Congrats!  You’re on your way!


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