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22 Oct

I deleted the title to many times to name…  One word sums everyting up.
I’m sad…  I can’t hide that… 
I’ve been super quiet about Oct.  It has several Anniversaries that just…(no words) 

This past Sunday I was invited to an event and I let my hair down…  I drank! 
And I(we) took pictures… 

Here is a picture we took Sunday night:

It’s not all bad! 
The pros?  It’s Fall!  YAY Fall!  (Loves!!) 
Boot weather! 
Cheers to more weight-loss! 
Cheers to Nov 5 (my YAY I didn’t die anniversary)! 
Cheers to pumpkin lattes! 
Cheers to hooker high heel boots! 

I knew this month was going to hit me hard…   I knew that when I risked the “bloom” this too shall pass! 
It has to!  IT can always be worse!  This much I know!!