I’m doing it so can you…

9 May

 I started a blog post… And it wasn’t jiving with me.  I even had a case of writers block…
Talking about recovering from bulimia is hard… 
But, I want it to talk about it…  I want people to know about the harm,  bulimia has on the body both physically and mentally.  Then, today I saw a tweet talking New Years Resolutions. The light went off!!  Like most people I make them, and like most people I never keep them.   Accept last year.  I keep every single last one of them!

I was accountable!
I lost weight!
I got healthy!
I did 9 5k’s!
I allowed myself to make mistakes!
I allowed myself to be human!
I went back myself loving myself!! 

In 2009 I almost died from what was supposed to be a “simple procedure”,  I was 33 and I had to get a partial hysterectomy.  What I walked away with was; Pulmonary emboli, a stay in ICU, two weeks in the hospital, two pints of blood later …  Not to mention my year’s recovery process,  oh and then the domino effect it had on my health. 

I went back into the hospital a month later to be diagnosed with pusedo tumor cerebri.  (Say that fast five times! Ha) 
Oh, I am just warming up! 
That’s when I was told, “if you lose weight it will help your condition”
I died inside.
I thought about all the abuse I had ever done to my body.
All those years of laxatives, bingeing and purging, diuretics…
I needed to make serious changes!
I couldn’t live like this..
My body still needed to heal.
My soul…
My mind…
I got out of the hospital with another round of meds on Dec 31…  Where I made this promise to myself.  “I promised to lose weight the healthy way.  For family.  For myself!” 
Once I was cleared of all the blood clots I was going to make a call to my friend a personal trainer (Thank you Jillian Rowe  for believing in me)and I was going to forever abandon my old ways… I was going to be in “control”…!! 

This story has a very happy ending…
I did it!  I was tipping the scale in Jan over 240 I am way under 200…!  I am now a L were I was a XXL I am a 14 were I was a size 20/22. 
How did I do it?

I was accountable!
I did 9 5k’s!
I allowed myself to make mistakes!
I allowed myself to be human!
I went back myself loving myself!! 

That’s how!  Listen, I make it sound easy!  It’s not.  It’s a long hard road.  I am not going to sugar coat.  I did this through blood, sweat and tears! 

You never know what your tomorrow holds.  So, cherish each day! Respect your body!  One day you will need it to be strong!


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