The Thyroid… It controls everything!

25 May

One of the contributing factors to my Charlie Sheen-esque break down is… A little butterfly gland in the throat called the thyroid gland…
( I’m #actually convinced this is how the aliens keep track of us. For realz yo! )

I was first diagnosed with *hypothyroidism* back in 08 and I was put on medication. It was awesome! I felt great …
I went back in for my blood work a month later, and my Dr took me off of the medication, and I tanked, hard! I was depressed, tiered all the time, I was in a non-stop bad mood it was the worst… I lived in misery

Fast forward to 10, another Dr drew my blood and was shocked! He told me he didn’t know how I functioned. And put me back on synthroid(?), In no time was back to my jovial self- happy, I had energy it wad awesome! Everything was right in my world!
When moved to the Atlanta area, I didn’t find a Dr. right away… Shame on me!

During the summer my hair fell out in clumps… I had NO idea what was going on… I started having my first thoughts about ending my life, I cried all the time… Again I was miserable… Still on the medication but miserable!

When I ran out of my script I knew I was in trouble. So I went down the street to a Doc-in-the-Box…
They drew my blood gave me a 10 day script and told me they would see me in a few days..
Got the phone call and I was told I needed to go up to the office they needed to discuss my results with me… The dr told me I had Hyperthyroidism (say what?? … I called BS) and she wanted to take me off the meds… I broke down in her office … She said she would put me in the lowest dose … I cried!
Long story short… I was misdiagnosed but it took me being hospitalized in the beginning of this year, for them to catch it…Now I am on triple the amount of snythroid that I was on before…Not everything is right in my world, but, I can cope better. I’ve lost a great deal of weight, my hair is growing back … The world isn’t a dark and gloomy place. It can be, depression isn’t something that just goes *poof* and it’s gone. You have to work at it.
But I know that my thyroid plays a huge part of it.
Point to this is. Make sure you get your yearly check up. Especially if you are over 30 make sure you get your thyroid check. Also, make sure you don’t have a family history. Because, hyper & hypo thyroids run in the family.

And that was the just the start of my journey!

2 Responses to “The Thyroid… It controls everything!”

  1. Jenny May 25, 2011 at 10:59 pm #

    Wild isn’t it? Something so small can make you a complete crazy person.

  2. My Inner Muse May 25, 2011 at 11:09 pm #

    Oh yeah! Totally! Like now… I know my medication might be a little off… So I have to go get my blood work checked… It floors me…

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