I’m fighting Zombies!

21 Jan

I am on this top-secret mission to kill zombies that the government is trying to keep from the public.  Is a matter of a fact you reading this could totally put yourself in danger.  You have been warned!

(True Story)

I could totally re-hash how shitty things have been.  What’s the point?  Trust me when I say as of right now.  (Aside from killing Zombies)  My world is awesome. 

My mom never did stop talking about my father’s impotence or his girlfriend.  And amongst other things.  I barely speak to my family.  Judge all you want, say anything you want.  The truth of the matter is since I am no longer talking to any part of my family.  I am HAPPY!  And yes, that is selfish.  I am OK with that.  Unless you have walked a mile in my shoes… 
You know what? 
Judge all you want… 
Before any one of start to say look at all the things your family has done for you… let me shed some light into a some situations:
1.  I never got a free ride.  I paid rent, my parents got all my child support, minus the last 3 months I was with her.
2.  For, four years in a row to pay off any debts that I did incur…  or any borrowed money that I did owe, I did allow my parents to claim both C & V on their taxes…  You count up the child credit for four years and please tell me who came up on top. 
3.  While my mother was miserable at work.  I allowed her to exaggerate my “illness”  so she could get out of work.  I was already in Atlanta when she “lied” But, I allowed her to make me look crazy. 
4.  For months on end I had to listen to my mom complain about my father’s girlfriend.  She made me keep all her dirty little secrets (every single) last one of them, then would turn around and be two-faced with my father and make him believe everything was OK.  While I carried the burden of everything.  Because, instead of her going to a shrink she used me.  I found out things about my parents sexual life no child should ever have to hear. 
Now she tells me I was wrong for “blowing the whistle to my father…” Do you know how much “verbal abuse I got from that…”
5.  Last but, not least…  Listening to my mother “wish cancer back on herself” because that’s when my cheating father was “nice to her”
When a person can wish cancer on themselves for the sake of a man…  There are some serious issues mental issues. 

Still want to judge me?

For the next year It’s about me.  Healing, going to school, becoming a “runner”, staying healthy, getting closer to God. 
(Killing Zombies)

Should forgiveness come in that time?  Maybe…

Everything will be on my time.  I know in order for God to forgive, I need to forgive.  Well, God is going to have to give me some time to heal.  Because what I told you is just the tip of the iceberg! 

So, I broke my silence.  Hopefully I can get to blogging more. 

As for my life…  It’s slowly falling into place.  Things are coming into play very nicely…  For the first time ever! 
Also, I am happy!  Something I haven’t been able to say in a really long time.  I am truly truly happy….

Now…  I have to get back to killing Zombies!  Until next time…


3 Responses to “I’m fighting Zombies!”

  1. Jenny January 21, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    Good for you! Remember, just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you have to allow that person back into your life.

  2. Lola January 22, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    I am like a RABID Honey Badger… 😉 Althought I do hear they life to snuggle… OR maybe not? HAHAHA

  3. Vicki WS (@CrowndVic) April 28, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

    A) I’m sure there’s an app for that 😉
    B) No really, there’s this running app I heard about, that has zombie’s chasing you. When you slow down, the zombies speed up. then you maintain your pace. clever, eh?
    C) I’m convinced that anyone “normal” is just hiding skeletons in their closet.
    D) what we go through in our formative years makes us stronger later on.

    You are an inspiration.

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