Has it really been that long…

13 Oct

Notice I didn’t put the question mark? Because I know how long it has been. WOW! Oops…  I am not going to be using all caps, I just thought that this one time it was appropriate…
I cannot even tell you how my life has changed. Lets see, the twins are ten. The boy and the girl 18 and 17. I am 41 42? Shit…  I will ask the man when he is lucid.
Still making the same stupid mistakes I made ten years ago. I know shame on me. In other ways I have grown.  Like… Oh, I have no idea. Give me a moment it will come to me.  Maybe I haven’t changed?  Wiser?  Maybe not? I cannot even remember how old I am.  I think once you become a certain age, it just doesn’t matter.  Creams – now that matters!  Oh, and eye creams those matter.  (ha)
To be honest I have no idea where to start? Should I just jump in? or should I start where I left off?
What’s the fun in that?
Always keeping them wanting more?
No, clue?

If you came here to think I am going to gossip or talk about this or that, you’re wrong. Very wrong. See I guess I have learned a few things. I have no juicy stuff to give you.  Well, that is so not true. But, that would be tacky of me. So, I think I will just write about my teachable moments. I have picked up on this journey of my ever evolving self.  Somebody once said a person can’t change.
I do not know about that. I would like to believe that people can see the error their ways and long to become a better person.
But, I have seen the worst in humans and honestly? That’s all I have seen.  That is what I have taken away from this journey, the worst in human beings. My glass is full with craft beer. So, I could be seeing things through the clarity of my thick stout.
Where have the good gone? I have found *some* good.  But, for the most part, I keep people at an arms length.  Shifty was what it was called. (Not to be confused with Shwifty). Ah, yes we will discuss that topic at a later date.
I was once told I was, “trying to fit in with the cool people”. Fuck that! And are you fucking kidding me? I have seen what the cool crowd can bring to the table.  Yeah, how about no thanks.
I do have a few good people in my life.  My circle is super small, and where it seems like I have a lot of friends, those people would be very shocked to know just how little they do know about me.
I will just stick to people thinking I am nothing more then a pretty face trying, no begging to be part of cool kids …. Serislouly though I hope your liver gives out. (joking)
Oh, please forgive me, I have developed a sick dry sense of humor. Sorry.

I have broken up with alcohol on a certain level. I am no longer a cheap drunk.  This women here is a very expensive drunk, thank you very much.  So, that has changed.  Tap… Tap… This thing even on?

I guess we will see…
Buckle up bitches we are in for one hell of a ride!  I’m back!  Ready….? Ok…  See you soon!

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