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40 before 40 …

25 May

Well, Un-Judgement Day came and went…
The Twittah, was all abuzz! And it was grand! (because The Friends over on The Facebook… Just don’t care!)
My good friend over at My Beautiful Chaos tagged me in a “bucket list” post I had already started one… It is my 40 before 40 so I will go ahead and share some of these with you…

1. Do 3 marathons in a year
2. See a Cubbies vs Braves game
3. Become a triathlete
4. Dip my feet in a clear blue ocean
5. Buy a big floppy hat and rock it
6. See the Kentucky Derby up close and personal
7. Maintain my goal weight
8. See Chris Tomlin in concert
9. Do a project 365
10. Go to a Daytona 500
11. Go to Carlitos Bakery
12. Learn how to sew
13. Learn how to make a killer cupcake
14. Go back to Niagara Falls
15. Take a cruise
16. Go see Harry Potter land
17. Do a muddy buddy
18. Learn how to make wine
19. Grow something…

He’s just not that into You( The Movie– My Review!)

17 Feb

The one thing I don’t want to do is sound like a broken record.  What I am going to say is this…  If you haven’t read the book…  Go see the movie.   It’s a cute girly great feel good movie!  It’s a great date movie as well!! 

And some women  don’t get it!  I once sent the book to a girl that was making a fool out of herself, and it was really hard to watch.  I just wanted her to “get a hint” and the book pretty much spells everything out…
Not to mention I believe in good book Karama, (you know read the book, pass it along…) sadly, when I got the book back…  She didn’t even open it…  Alas, I tried! 
So, if you are taken and you have single women direct them to this movie, even if it’s the most savvy of daters…  You will be doing them justice!

He’s Just Not That Into You– The MOVIE!!

26 Jan

I am super excited about this movie! 
Hell even if you are not single…   If you are a FAN of the book!
This is a must see!!  I loved this book for so many different reasons, it was the eye opener I needed, finally  a book that cut out all the BS and, gave it to us females straight, It allowed us to empower ourselves and each other to dump the unhealthy relationships!
And if you didn’t read the book and you are stuck in a rut…  Then you are “wasting the pretty”
So, instead of lying to ourselves we could finally do the decent and self-respecting thing, by letting go of a dead-end relationship!  
Trust me you will not be disappointed!  You WILL have your AHH MOMENT!  I swear by Oprah( ha ha )

I compiled a list of my favorite reasons why a relationship did not work-out… Enjoy!!

Things I have heard or used myself:

1.  He’s intimidated by my success, beauty, smarts! 
Um, NO!  You’re not intimidating!  Because,  if a man wants that in a women he will be all over your success, beauty and smarts…  Sorry…  He just wasn’t that into you… 

2.  He’s just not ready; he wants to play the field a little bit before he settles down!! 
PFFFF whatever!  This is one that I had to read over and over again!  No he wasn’t into me ENOUGH! 

3.  He is really busy!  In this day in age, there is NO excuse!  You deserve a phone call, a text, an email, and instant message (even if it is offline)  If a man is missing you, he will get in touch even if its by a messenger pigeon

4.  In a moment of weakness you call him…If he doesn’t get back to you that same week you left a message… GUESS WHAT???  He wasn’t THAT into you!  And trust me if you are stuck to your cell phone waiting for a call…  You GET WHAT YOU DESERVE…  ESP.  IF YOU KEEP IT GOING ON FOR MONTHS…  ITS YOUR FAULT FOR BEING A DUMMY… waiting and wishing, never got anybody anywhere!  Don’t waste the pretty…

5.  And my PERSONAL FAVORITE:  HE STRUNG ME ALONG…  HE LEAD ME ON…  HE LEAD ME TO BELIEVE….  NO NO AND NO!!!  No such thing!  And if you read the book…  You will learn that he lead you on because you allowed IT!  Take responsiblity for YOUR actions!!!  You will become a better dater and person for it!

That’s my story… I am sticking to it.  If I offend I don’t mean to…
If I hit a nerve ask yourself WHY?  And then go out and read the book! 
It will change your life!  It did mine! 
Which is why I am married now! 
(thank you I will be here all week!)

Me in six words…

13 Jan

Can you describe your life in six words?
 Here is mine…

( It’s been on my myspace page forever!  And yes I did make it up all on my own…)

Lived, Loved, Lost, Learn, regrets NOTHING!!

I have lived a good life, a hard, a sad life…  None the less it’s made me who I am…  And honestly I really like the person I have become!   

I have loved…  Truly, madly, deeply in life… 
I have loved and it’s been unhealthy, toxic even;  which is why I have a hard time letting people in and I don’t give my trust easily… 

I have lost… Many Many Many times I have lost…  I have had to watch (what I thought at the time was the love of my life) the love of my life ride away into the sunset, happy to leave me behind, as he was was driving away with who seemed to be his latest “conquest… ” I had to endure seeing him drive away as my heart shattered into a million pieces… 
The only thing that was left was me and my dignity…  Which I picked up,dusted off…

 Each time, I have made mistakes, I have learned a lesson or two some had to be repeated because I am a very stubborn person.. None the less Karma taught me MANY lessons that I will NOT REPEAT!

 I regret nothing!  No matter how hard the lesson was and no matter how hard I fell…  I REGRET NOTHING!! 



See if you can describe your life in six words…


I tag..



Moon Beams and Day Dreams



Dizzy Girl



 And any of you that want to do it! 

Who are your dream stealers?

12 Nov

“Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible”-Jane Rubietta

This speaks volumes to me.  Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh…  Yes!  I have had my dreams stolen from me MANY TIMES…  and more-so, then not, I hae stolen my own dream(s).  I know what I want this blog to say.  But, I am having a very hard time putting my thoughts onto this page. 

(taps fingers on keyboard)
Ahh… A story if you will…

For as long as I can remember I wanted a wedding.  I never wanted to be married (actually I never wanted a husband).  I just wanted a wedding.  I had it all planned out!  It was going to be flamboyant and beautiful. 
Been married THREE TIMES and not once have I been walked down this isle.  (Heartbreaking) 

I consider this my forever marriage( and DEAR GOD I HOPE SO!!!) 
I want a wedding…  I don’t care if I am already married, I don’t care if people think it’s silly… It’s not silly to me.  I don’t care if “people” think it shouldn’t be called a wedding call it whatever you want…  WHO CARES!  I want a champagne white dress with the flowers and the caters and the vows and the bridesmaids I want it all… 
Between us and the rest of the bloggoshere I kinda want the invites to say
” Check your opinons at the Gate
   It’s a celebration of love and life

IT’s rude I know!  I would never…  But GRRR some people just need to keep their opions to themselves…  First of all
1.  They are not paying for it
2.  I never asked for them to say anything

Dream stealers…  They come in all shapes and forms.  You can do one of two things…  Shrug it off…  Cause the ADULT Dolores should have done that.  Or you can let it stew like the 12 year old Dolores did.  I can honestly say that I have gotten no satisfaction from stewing over it.  This person will never know how much they hurt my feelings.  And would they care?  Nor really…  But, you have to remember what is important to you maybe trival to somebody else.  Doesn’t make it right.  Doesn’t make it wrong.  It’s just life. 

In the end.  I am going to get my wedding.  It may not have been what I envisioned as a little girl but, it’s going to make me happy, and that is what is important. 
Don’t let anybody “steal” your dreams…  Go after them! Make them happen…  Don’t live with regret…  Just do it!! 
Squash that inner blah-ness..  it doesn’t do anything but, keep you down… 

Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible“-Jane Rubietta

Right there RESTORATION IS POSSIBLE…  Dream your Dream…  Be happy…  Life your life….

But, I love me more…

10 Oct

kendra, holly and bridget

kendra, holly and bridget

It’s a sad sad sad day for us Girls Next Door Fans.  It was confirmed by Hugh Hefner Playboy Bunny Founder that He and 1 girlfriend Holly Madison are no longer “together” You can read all about here. ( I need a moment)
(it’s the LONG dramatic pause…)
(I think I have composed myself enough…)

I remember seeing images of Hugh Heffner and the MANY(beautiful) women he would be surrounded by I can remember thinking,
“How does that work?” 
Are they one big happy family does he rotate them out?”
And, ” Does earth REALLY make that many (perfectly) beautiful women??”  

It wasn’t until the E!  Show Girls Next Door, that the public was allowed into the the enigma that surrounded the ever-elusive Playboy Mansion.  It was then that(we) fans fell in love with Holly Madison (A “REAL” Barbie) Kendra Wilkinson ( Another “REAL” Barbie” )and Bridget Marquardt( Yet AGAIN another “REAL” Barbie).  If you haven’t watched the show then I can assure you it is  more then scadalously clad women, and parties that are nothing but, big drunken orgies. 
Ok admittly so, I thought the same thing…
It’s no secret that Heffner is always surrounded by beautiful women- he is. ( And honestly I think we can all agree when you get a buncha half naked drunk people- what happends..  Or maybe not.  E! never showed us “private moments”- maybe that is an extended verison of the DVD’s Ha Ha)
I think the thing that surprised me the most is the respect he had for the women, all of his women.  He is a true gentleman, which is a rare find these days.   
( need another moment…)



When I first found out about the break up, I  said, “who on EARTH would leave the lap of luxury that surrounds these women?”
“Why would you leave it?”
Simple- money cannot buy everything.  Holly wanted Hugh to marry her, Holly wanted a baby, it was never a secret,  Hugh cannot give that to her. 

She loved herself more, and when you unhappy in life and in love…  The easy thing is to stay…  The hard thing to do is walk away…  In the end the only person you have to look in the mirror is you.  Self esteem will win in the end every time…  Remember ladies love yourself MORE than a man… 
you just never know.  Take it from somebody that has walked that walk… 




“Pink”-nic with a Purpose!!!

1 Oct


 You are invited to join us(Susan G Komen for the Cure, Coastal GA Affiliate) for:



“Pink”-nic with a Purpose!! 


Sunday, October 5




Forsyth Park, Savannah GA
Along the center sidewalk under the trees halfway.




What is Picnic in the Park?
A Savannah outdoor event, it’s an afternoon with music (provided by the Savannah Sinfonietta)


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Coastal Georgia Affiliate 

will offer a special prize for the 

Best Pink-nic with a Purpose


Time line

2:30-4:30-Komen Board Set-up/ Recommended time for “pink-nicers”
3:30 – 5:15 PM – Picnic Competition Registration
5:15 – 7:00 PM – Picnic Competition Judging
5:15 – 5:50 PM – SAA Orchestra
6:00 – 6:40 PM – Skyelite Jazz Band
7:15 PM – Announcement of Picnic Contest Winners
7:30 PM – The Savannah Orchestra Concert