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He’s just not that into You( The Movie– My Review!)

17 Feb

The one thing I don’t want to do is sound like a broken record.  What I am going to say is this…  If you haven’t read the book…  Go see the movie.   It’s a cute girly great feel good movie!  It’s a great date movie as well!! 

And some women  don’t get it!  I once sent the book to a girl that was making a fool out of herself, and it was really hard to watch.  I just wanted her to “get a hint” and the book pretty much spells everything out…
Not to mention I believe in good book Karama, (you know read the book, pass it along…) sadly, when I got the book back…  She didn’t even open it…  Alas, I tried! 
So, if you are taken and you have single women direct them to this movie, even if it’s the most savvy of daters…  You will be doing them justice!


“I’m-a Barbie Girl…”

8 Mar

Actually… if you really knew what I looked like, it’s a comical statement. To call myself barbie, I think you could diagnose me with denial issues!
I am not even close to barbie material and it’s my personal opinon that not many women are unless you are Holly Madison(One of Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend(s) she is platinum blond and enhanced but, never the less she does look like a barbie doll) or Kimora Lee Simmons( totally real and absolutely drop dead gorgeous) and that is…  about 5% of the population.  So, I guess it’s a safe bet I am not talking about me. 

Kelly Rowland from the Band Destiny’s Child got breast implants and is not denying she got them. 
Which is very refreshing so many stars go under the knife and deny it, when the truth is staring at us in the face. 
I guess stars forget we are smart here in normal land!
“Analyst” feel that it’s going to send the “wrong” message to younger girls who look up to the star. 
OK PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
First off.  If my daughter at the age of 18 comes to me and says, “Mom I want a boob job” 
What do I SAY?,  “NO!! ”  End of story! 
I am gong to discuss with her that her body is still maturing and that she should give it time.  And that she is beautiful just the way she is, and I am going to nurture her self esteem.
But, when she leaves my house and I am NO longer paying for her college or anything else.  Guess what?  I can only hope that I have instilled enough self esteem into my daughter that she will make the right choice that is right for her.   

I am not opposed to plastic surgery, is a matter of a fact I am going to go under the knife( once my savings account has ample amount of money and I lose 75 pounds) 
It’s MY choice.  I knew what I looked like before I had babies and It’s not so, much I am looking for my 20’s body, what I would like is my self esteem back.  It’s very hard to run and do normal daily activity when you have 40 pounds of extra skin flapping in the wind.  Not a nice mental picture huh? Imagine living it on an day to day basis.  It’ really does a number on my self esteem to have to look at myself in the mirror. What I am getting is a complete body overhaul.   I digress…  

Kelly Rowland I say good for you!  And since people seem to have a problem with it tell them to SHOVE IT!!!

Married… But, still want to help fabulous single women!

18 Jan

I love to write…. I write about nothing!  
I am kinda like the blogging Seinfeld… 

I use to write about being single and the trials and tribulation that went on into within my dating world. 
I have over 18,000 hits on my old myspace blog.  I use to get emails from women telling me how thankful they were about my blogs.  Because, they were powerful and upbeat and uplifting.  
Why did I change? 
I acquired a husband!!   
It’s something I know ALOT about! 
Yes, I am married, and YES I am a wedding planner… 
But, being single… I had down to a fine art!  Granted I made my mistakes.  Oh and I MADE TONS of them!  But I lived and learned… And I want to pass that along! 
I am still going to write about my life but, I am going to write about women’s issues! Wish me luck!