I’m a survivor! And here’s why…

I had this great bio here… ( well I thought it was great) I re-read it and thought… That’s not me… So, I scraped it comments and all!
At some point in time it was me.
My life has changed and, I have evolved into, this whole new person.
If you wish to re-hash my drama filled, pathetic at times, light-hearted, OH NO SHE DIDNT SAY THAT, you are more than welcome to re-read my life…
Ok Let’s face it, it’s been a pretty rough few years, sprinkled with a few moments of greatness…

Here’s some personal information about me.  I love wine and Tequila and craft beer!   (I like to drink… But, not in that icky rehab way!) I love all think pop culture! And… I like toys like my Iphone or an Ipad but, I cannot grasp the concept of a nook or I like picking up a book!  ( Call me strange!)

For those of you just tuning in let’s see…

I’m mexican (don’t speak an ounce of spanish execpt all the cuss words, I’ve got all those down to a fine art!)I’m Spanish, Italian, Native American, some French… A mutt basically ( yeah all those hot-tempered ones… )
I am a happy person… And a positive person… Even though I am young, I am wise beyond my years, I have been through sone pretty rough times. I am full of wisdom and tough love! I don’t believe in giving unsolicited advice, but, if you want to hear the honest to God truth then I will give it to you.  I have managed to keep the same New Years Resolution for Two years and STILL GOING STRONG!

Postpartum Depression– After the birth of  my twins, I almost lost one… I had to perform CPR on one of them… After two rounds of and I couldn’t revive him… A neighbor came in and continued CPR and she breathed life into our son…
A buncha Blood Clots Later( Pulmonary Emboli)…- I don’t think this one needs explanation?
A few surgeries and a good bit of illnesses– nope and this one either?

I have four amazing kids!
Two that are in the spectrum and twin boys, My twin boys are um, , well… they test my limits EVERY SINGLE DAY!
I thought, I was a damn good mom! And damn it I am! I raised TWO autistic children.. BY MYSELF!
I am a self-educated activist…
I had therapist going in and out of my house, I had Dr’s appts quicker then you can say “y’all get some butter”… I-WAS-A-ROCK-STAR…
I thought..TWINS!?? No problem! PFFFFF
The twins!? Wear me out on a daily basis.. Kick my ass kinda way!
Tear up the house…
They are into the everything… I can’t remember when was the last time I took a shower… Shave my legs? LUXURY!
Clean clothes? What clean clothes…?
When I do laundry, I have to fold them and put them away right  now or else….  Clean clothes will be all over the place in no time flat!
I’d better not leave anything, I mean ANYTHING out like lotion…
Do not turn your back for a nano second or do necessary things like go use the restroom OR-they will have your purse undone and half of your iPhone apps wiped out!
Daycare.. I’m afraid…! I’m afraid they are going to get kicked- out afraid!
Every seen cheaper by the dozen…?
Remember the lil boy who wore the bucket on his head ramming his head into the wall…?
(Yep I’m proud! Ha Ha! )
God Knew what he was doing when he gave me TWO in the spectrum!
Boy I couldn’t see it then… But, now I sure do understand!
Thank you God! (No , I do mean that!)

All in all at the end of the day… I wouldn’t trade any of this…
(Well, only if my Dr. refills my Xanax ha ha) It’s my life and My children teach me something every single day…
Life is my teacher and I am the student… Forever and ever as long as I am, on this earth, I never want to stop learning…

Friends… I learned a great deal about friends….
Some friends drifted away… And some rekindled…
I guess… That is the ebbs and flows of life right?
Some friendships you can just hop on the phone and pick up right were you left off, and some it’s just awkward…
You have just evolved too much into a different person… I dunno why that is…?
It’s called LIFE!

Mine is perfectly imperfect…


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