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Just Like Lemmings!!

19 Feb

 My thoughts are all over the place please forgive me, here is a side note… I really think within the next few hours I am going to develop the hives..

Remember, back when I wrote about S****D Steve? Actually, he really isn’t s****d I really dig the guy and I love his writing style… Well remember he had this exclusive news? That “nobody” knew and that was just so, shocking?
Well, he spilled the beans… And yes, it is in fact VERY shocking, and on the off chance he really is telling the truth… It’s even downright disgusting! (STUPID JASON MESNICK, STUPID ABC and STUPID LEMMINGS!!! )

Back to Steve; He broke the story.( You should really go back and read from about the 2nd week in Jan all the way through now. ) People begged him and I mean begged him to release the story. He did. And now you should see the backlash he is getting…
I will say this…
I believe the guy… I don’t think he would “fabricate” a story like this just because he is board and wants to shake up The Bachelor viewers. Why? What I do find is the shocking reaction of the viewing audience. Because, it’s not what people want to hear… Everybody likes a good love story. We all want to believe it’s out there and it does exist but, the truth of the matter is your better off reading a book, you are not going to find it on The Bachelor. People it’s about the editing. You will hear it over and over again.
(psst when I was looking for the links… I found this…  click here)

Please STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens:
Here is a brief synopsis:

Jason Mesnick(JM is what he will be from here on out) proposes to Melisa( which we knew the very first week the of watching the very first Bachelor) They date and are happy, JM goes out on the talk show circuit and tells everybody he is engaged and in love. (YIPPEE)

Now here is the RS version of what happened. For two months he stays engaged they wrapped up taping in Nov. If you watch the show they have what is called “After the final rose ceremony”(they finished taping that sometime in early Jan)
From what RS writes,  During the ATFRC – JM dumps Mel on public TV, and then gets together with the rejectee( her name is Molly), and from what I understand JM was double dipping with both is fiancé Mel and Molly(the green eye’d rejectee… ) SO, in order for JM to not be the scum of the earth… They have a 2nd after the rose ceremony I guess to “explain”… And to humiliate Melisa even more…
If this really is the truth…
And I am not saying its gospel… I am sure we are not getting the entire story…
And we never will… But, holy cow… even if that is a fraction of the truth…  How can you possiably thing this guy is worth a damn?
Maybe the guy did get a change of heart… Nothing is “solid” when you’re engaged; I have seen it time and time again. It really sucks!
Maybe he really did make a mistake. Everybody is entitled.

But, here is what gets me. Can you save the women some dignity? Couldn’t you have dumped her off-line? Honestly?
Did you have to do it in front of the cameras??
I am no expert but, I am a woman who has had her heartbroken and I can’t even imagine what she is going through, to have your life “out there” for people to see and then your heartbreak on public television… Your on reality TV and when you get on the show that is the risk you take but, when you get to the end and you have the ring on your finger, really, your thinking the end!
This is it.. and then to find out… Oh GEEZ I really did lose in the end!

I really hope that Jason does have happiness, and I sure as well hope he got a good bit of money from all of this… And most of all I hope it was all worth it in the end.
The one thing I do know and do understand is Karma… And if all of this was intentional then unfortunately it will reel it’s ugly head. All this… smoke in mirrors, and jumping through hoops reminds me of one thing… Lemmings!