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And through the ashes!

23 Jun

Hi guys!  I am trying to catch my breath through…  Six babies and my visitors! 
I have learned one thing about myself though all of this… 
Life is about learning…  Isn’t what its all about?  Life is never supposed  to be tamed or figured out but, the name of the game is to  always learning from experiences… 

I really have so much catching up to do!  and Oh I can tell you how much I have missed blogging.  My outlet, My solace, My escape….
My Immortal soul captured onto and imprinted in cyber space… (UM, It’s a little dramatic I know…  ha-ha BUt, sounded so, whimsical and sing songy…I had to use it!)

Some good thing have happened and some BAD things have happened…  I will catch everybody up…  With my ever changing life and i am going to redo my blog look…  I have yet been able to really feel at  “home” here on wordpress…  Maybe one day I will get it right! 

I can tell you one REALLY UBER cool thing that did happen to me.  I am OFFICIALLY on the Susan G Komen for the Cure board! How super cool is that?  I am VERY proud to be serving on a board for  such an amazing cause! 

To date I have lost nine pounds and I will tell you all about my  utterly humiliating experience at the dr el tubby-o… 

I have miss ALL of you dearly and I will be catching up with you soon…  Oh and Rambling House Wife I have you gift card waiting here to be mailed…  I will get back to you on that experience…  That card has been lost, washed, buried… You name it…  So, I bought you a brand new one!  Which is going to get mailed this week!

Happy blogging week everybody!  Be looking out for my adventures!

Group bloggy Hug!