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Just Like Lemmings!!

19 Feb

 My thoughts are all over the place please forgive me, here is a side note… I really think within the next few hours I am going to develop the hives..

Remember, back when I wrote about S****D Steve? Actually, he really isn’t s****d I really dig the guy and I love his writing style… Well remember he had this exclusive news? That “nobody” knew and that was just so, shocking?
Well, he spilled the beans… And yes, it is in fact VERY shocking, and on the off chance he really is telling the truth… It’s even downright disgusting! (STUPID JASON MESNICK, STUPID ABC and STUPID LEMMINGS!!! )

Back to Steve; He broke the story.( You should really go back and read from about the 2nd week in Jan all the way through now. ) People begged him and I mean begged him to release the story. He did. And now you should see the backlash he is getting…
I will say this…
I believe the guy… I don’t think he would “fabricate” a story like this just because he is board and wants to shake up The Bachelor viewers. Why? What I do find is the shocking reaction of the viewing audience. Because, it’s not what people want to hear… Everybody likes a good love story. We all want to believe it’s out there and it does exist but, the truth of the matter is your better off reading a book, you are not going to find it on The Bachelor. People it’s about the editing. You will hear it over and over again.
(psst when I was looking for the links… I found this…  click here)

Please STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens:
Here is a brief synopsis:

Jason Mesnick(JM is what he will be from here on out) proposes to Melisa( which we knew the very first week the of watching the very first Bachelor) They date and are happy, JM goes out on the talk show circuit and tells everybody he is engaged and in love. (YIPPEE)

Now here is the RS version of what happened. For two months he stays engaged they wrapped up taping in Nov. If you watch the show they have what is called “After the final rose ceremony”(they finished taping that sometime in early Jan)
From what RS writes,  During the ATFRC – JM dumps Mel on public TV, and then gets together with the rejectee( her name is Molly), and from what I understand JM was double dipping with both is fiancé Mel and Molly(the green eye’d rejectee… ) SO, in order for JM to not be the scum of the earth… They have a 2nd after the rose ceremony I guess to “explain”… And to humiliate Melisa even more…
If this really is the truth…
And I am not saying its gospel… I am sure we are not getting the entire story…
And we never will… But, holy cow… even if that is a fraction of the truth…  How can you possiably thing this guy is worth a damn?
Maybe the guy did get a change of heart… Nothing is “solid” when you’re engaged; I have seen it time and time again. It really sucks!
Maybe he really did make a mistake. Everybody is entitled.

But, here is what gets me. Can you save the women some dignity? Couldn’t you have dumped her off-line? Honestly?
Did you have to do it in front of the cameras??
I am no expert but, I am a woman who has had her heartbroken and I can’t even imagine what she is going through, to have your life “out there” for people to see and then your heartbreak on public television… Your on reality TV and when you get on the show that is the risk you take but, when you get to the end and you have the ring on your finger, really, your thinking the end!
This is it.. and then to find out… Oh GEEZ I really did lose in the end!

I really hope that Jason does have happiness, and I sure as well hope he got a good bit of money from all of this… And most of all I hope it was all worth it in the end.
The one thing I do know and do understand is Karma… And if all of this was intentional then unfortunately it will reel it’s ugly head. All this… smoke in mirrors, and jumping through hoops reminds me of one thing… Lemmings!

He’s just not that into You( The Movie– My Review!)

17 Feb

The one thing I don’t want to do is sound like a broken record.  What I am going to say is this…  If you haven’t read the book…  Go see the movie.   It’s a cute girly great feel good movie!  It’s a great date movie as well!! 

And some women  don’t get it!  I once sent the book to a girl that was making a fool out of herself, and it was really hard to watch.  I just wanted her to “get a hint” and the book pretty much spells everything out…
Not to mention I believe in good book Karama, (you know read the book, pass it along…) sadly, when I got the book back…  She didn’t even open it…  Alas, I tried! 
So, if you are taken and you have single women direct them to this movie, even if it’s the most savvy of daters…  You will be doing them justice!

And the weekend ends slow dancing to Kenny Rodgers!!

15 Feb

I had an awesome weekend!  Bruised knees, short friend hair and all! 
What can I say about my Valentine’s Day but, “AMAZING” (he he)
The day started with a Komen event at Savannah High School…   I love doing things like that!  It was awesome!  I love brining awareness to people especially the college school age,  early detection  is so important… 
So, I left the event with a sense of accomplishment!  It resonated in my soul…  That left me drunk on happiness…  What an awesome feeling…! 
That’s how I started my night. 

I knew honey had an evening planned for us, I am not a high maintenance chick, really, I am pretty low maintenance.  So, I didn’t make (when I say “make” him, I mean I didn’t guilt him into getting me anything…  And I say guilt because that is what Valentine’s Day is all about GUILT) him get me roses, chocolates, expensive gifts…  Is a matter of a fact I am pretty much anti- valentine’s day… 
But, we have been going and going,  and we have hardly any alone time.  So, when he told me he had a sitter I was more then happy to get all dressed up and leave for the evening!

The first stop we made was…  Getting my hair fixed… (HEHE)
Then off we went… we ended up,  at sushi restaurant (yummy rolls –  um, yummy) after we stuffed out faces…  And were fat and happy(honey is making sure he takes me to all our favorite places because, we will not be able to enjoy food together like, we like, to)

We proceeded to the movies…  and we went and saw “He’s just not that into you” ( Which I will be blogging about most likely not tonight) A movie I wanted to see…  It was great!! 
(PSST  The movie is a must see!!)

Then we went to River Street(I got a strawberry daiquiri from Wet Willies) and sat in silence and talked every once in awhile…   Mainly about the movie (hehe we have a ton of inside jokes that go way back in the day)
Being alone with him was all I needed to have a perfect night even if it just was watching the boats go by(and every once in a while we made out like teenagers–  What can I say?  I have a hot husband!!)…

Well the evening came to end but, not without a slow dance from my beloved(honey) to  Kenny RogersShe Believes in Me”… 
We danced in each other’s arms under the stars and he sang to me…  (I know how sappy is that…?!?!)

Even with my short frizzy hair my husband still made me feel like the most beautiful women!  Have I told you how much I love my husband?  If I haven’t…  then I have the most wonderful husband… 
y wish for all you single fabulous women is I hope you find true love like mine…   Everybody deserves to feel like a princess!!

I live for the little moments!

15 Feb

When I think back at this past week.. I do one thing…  LAUGH!! 
It started off like most of them do…  Busy!  I had a ton of things to include a couple of Dr’s appt’s, a board meeting and an IEP…  On top of running our business and raising four wonderful children! ( It’s awesome! )
I feel I need to share my misfortune with you because, it’s funny and this is what life is all about…
Let’s see…  I am going to tell you about the bad stuff that happened…   Thursday before my board meeting I fell and I didn’t just fall I bit it HARD!  Here’s the really funny part …  Not only did I fall right infront of the building were our meeting was(that has all glass windows in the waiting areas….) I fell right in front of my president!  HAHA!  She asked me if I was OK? I said yes and then we laughed! 
I wish you 
had seen how graceful I was…  Trust me you would have laughed too… and if your laughing now it’s OK! 
What makes this funny is that, I was walking with such confidence; I hadn’t worn heels in a very long time, within the first hour of me walking in my heels…  I fell! 
My knees are busted up and bruised but, I assure you my pride  is hurt worse than that!  HAHAHAHA!

Then we  have the hair mishap:

I am vain…  I have very pretty hair!  I love my hair. 
The main reason I am getting the Lap Band and not the Gastric Bypass is because 60% of people lose their hair with the GB(have I already said that??  If I have please forgive me).  That sealed the deal…  Now, with that being said…  Mother’s Day 08 weekend I permed my naturally wavy hair…  I was sick of this half straight… half curly  I know it’s so 80’s to get your hair permed! 
 I loved it!  But, as we know what happens with perms, they grow out…  Well mine was at that point where It grew out and it was even worse off then what it was before I had permed it.  I thought no problem…  I will just use a straightener no problem right?  |
That’s what I thought…
So, within the first few mins of putting the straightener…  My hair started to come out in clumps…    Let’s just say…  Instant Karma got me. My hair was to the middle of my back…   I went to a beautician last night it now sits on my shoulders and is very very thin…
 It’s OK…  it’s only hair it will grow back!  (big smile…) Ha Ha… 

I sit back and I think about the events that happened this week and all I can do is laugh…  And think about how awesome my life is…  I know that life is going to have many many downsides its not always going to be like this, but, it’s these little moments that happen when life throws me a curve ball and I handle it in stride that make me thing…  when the big stuff hits… I am going to be Ok!  And that is worth smiling for!!!

You always have one in the crowd!!

15 Feb

I really love going to the movies. 
It’s a rare fabulous luxury that I do not take lightly! It’s one I barely get to partake in… So, when I go I really like to enjoy myself…  I want the other people who pay good money to enjoy themselves as well!  So, I make sure that I am a courteous movie patron, I want it to be a win-win situation, but, you always have that one stupid person!  Yes, I said stupid, what else can I call it, the one that has no regard for the people around them!!  They leave their cell phones on, talk  during the movie, text… GRRRR…. 
So, you will never see me  partake in these very rude behaviors:

I do not take my cell phone into the movie…  UNLESS I am with girlfriends, honey is not at home and I have a sitter at home.  So, if I  happen to get a call I will excuse myself and check it.
I do not TEXT
AND if I do happen to take my phone in I make sure that I TURN OFF THE RINGER!!!

What makes this funny is the theaters want you to have a very enjoyable expirenc3e as well and they even have these nifty reminders, please turn off your phone, don’t text blah blah blah… You know it’s not rocket science… 
Normally, I like to think of myself as a pretty even keeled person…  BUT, here is a warning to all movie goers…  If you do happen to end up at the same movie I do, and you leave your phone on and your cell phone rings…  While I  am trying to enjoy a movie  MY INNER MADEA WILL COME OUT! 

It never fails you always have one dumbass in the crowd! 

S***** Reality STEVE!!

11 Feb

You know, he’s really not s***** and I LOVE reading his blog click here to read it.  He is witty and smart and sarcastic!  He says what I am thinking…  (No not really…  He is pretty damn on target)

I have never been one for reality TV, Ok, and that is a lie!  I was a Real World junkie…  For a min but, then it got really stupid and I stopped watching it… 

I got sucked into the Bachelor I have already told you..   You can read all about it in a couple of blogs down. 
But, now here comes this Reality Steve…  Claiming to know some “exclusive” behind the scenes story!   He has given us these clues…  That make NO sense…  GRRRR…  clues like K moon/rebbecca and 2/3 Montreal they are damn near impossiable to decifer.  IT SUCKS!
I want to know what HE KNOWS…  So, on my down time I have stalked the MB to see what other people have come up with.  I have now turned it into a daily laugh fest because I am just so amused with what other people have to say!  IT makes me smile…   

It’s bad enough I have sunk to new levels and am watching the Bachelor BUT, I have now sunk to an all new low and am stalking MB! 


Hey! Really I am HAPPY!

11 Feb

First off, I want to say…  For the first time ever in my life, I am happy…  Truly 100% happy…  I really have nothing to complain about,  I made the commitment to get off the drama llama a while back, that I needed to really take responsibility for the things that I can control, and not what is out of my control…
 I told myself I would go into the new year  with open arms and with a positive attitude…  And I have stuck to it…  And it’s wonderful!

My children…  Where do I start?  Straight A’s both of them…  Both of them have made Student of the month… Since, we have moved to Effingham Co.  Things with them have been awesome!!  I am truly blessed when it comes to my children!  I never really saw them being autistic a bad thing…    The twins are B-A-D!  Enough said…  My life is filled with complete fabulous-ness!  And I am really blessed I honestly have no idea how to start this…  So, much I want to talk about… 

My health issues are being resolved slowly, it’s been a struggle but, finally I have things under control.  I have gotten to the bottom of so many of my problems and I am starting to feel like a “normal” person again!  Not looking forward to my impending surgeries but, gong under is not something I think anybody is looking forward too!  (Right?)

The Lap Band!  I went to my Dr’s appt and was nervous this is something I want so bad…  I am headed 4 Skinny-dom about the second week in March!  Excited–Doesn’t even cover it! It’s going to be an uphill battle.  They have my goal weight @ 125 (YIKES) Honestly?  I really think I am going to plateau @ about 135-140 It’s the weight I know I look good at.  Plastic surgery is most likely going to be in the beginning of next year!  WOW!  I cannot believe this is all within my reach.  I would love to have people who have had the lap band before contact me and let me know what I need to expect!

My marriage has been a work in progress.  Getting use to being a military wife has been an adjustment to me.  Jason of course leaves for school the month I am going to need him the most…  APRIL!  See gotta love the military!  And really I do!  I am very proud of what he is doing! And all I have to say to him it’s about damn time!!

I am happy!  I know life is a roller coaster but, if this what absolute contentment in life feels like…  Then I will take it!