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Up through the ashes and into the smoke…

29 Jul

Summer is almost over!!  Well, not really but, here in mommy-ville…  Summer is about over. about It’s  We are about  two weeks and school starts.  now getting ready for school.  You know uniforms, supplies, backpacks….  We mommies know the drill.  My blog has been stagnant I know!  I do honestly apologize for that.  Truth of the matter is I hit a several low points in my life.  Personal.  Business.  Health.  Marriage.   I really had nothing positive to say or write about.  And I didn’t want to consistently write about my CRAP life.  So, I figured when it was time I would come out into the world and show myself.  I have NO idea were to start

Personal- I finally took back control of my life!  I put my big girl pants on and I faced life for all my successes and failures!!  Starting with my weight…  Went to the Dr.  Got on that cursed scale and weighed a whopping 239.7 YEP  right there people in black and white!  It was UGLY…  I got my diet, my pills, and work-out plan.  And committed myself ONCE and for all to lose weight!  What good was it going to do to just sit here and feel sorry for myself?  NOTHING!  To date as of 5 mins ago I weighed myself at 221 that is a weight loss total of 18.7 pounds.  In poundage land that is three five pound steaks and three one pound dumb-bells.  I really haven’t been exercising like I should!  Which will change but, I figure if I can take control of my eating portions, I can DISCIPLINE myself to do anything (I LOVE TO EAT!!)  Other things were/are going on but, my weight issue was/is one of my biggest factors in my personal life that was hindering my entire well-being.  I want to share in my successes( and learn from my failures ) going along with the “STAY POSITIVE” Theme!!

Business-  SLOW! SLOW! SLOW!  For me at least!  Honey is almost booked through Oct!  So, I have been busy helping him!!  AWESOME!!  ( how cool is that).   With  Susan G. Komen I am fund-raising so, my creativity will be able to shine which is something I an very excited about!  We will see were all of this goes all in all.  The growing pains we have had with our company have all been worth it.  At the end of the journey with our clients we get to be there and TAKE part in (ONE) of the most important events in their lives!  And that in its self is very rewarding.

Health- I got the summer flu amongst other nasty things…  But, once again things are taking a turn for the GOOD! And other things have come up but, I will take those as they come and will blog about it later

Marriage-  TRUTH…   This whole marriage stuff is great…  But, it’s hard work and I am LAZY! In the short amount of time we have been married we have been through some tough CRAP…  And I  mean stuff that shouldn’t come up in the first couple years of marriage.  I guess what ever doesn’t make you get a divorce will make you stronger right?  Now we are going to face another challenge in our marriage.  Honey is back in the Military National Guard and was activated to full time Army within the first two weeks.   He does have plans on changing his job but, if he doesn’t make a time-line the unit he is in…  Will be going to Afghanistan. I can tell you this I would rather him go to Iraq then Afghanistan…  I said for better or for worse till death do us part…  This is the path he chose and honestly guys he is really happy!  FINALLY!! 

Kidd Kradick in the Morning closes by saying ” Keep looking up cause that is were it all is…” And I did…  And I am still here…  Becoming happier by the day and taking everything one step at a time!