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This thinking positive stuff is tough!!!

3 Jun

Can I throw a temper tantrum?  Can I be 12 just for the duration of this blog??  Can I just be a little bitter…????????????????  PLEASE!!!  
I have been moping around.  I have been feeling sorry for myeslf I have been acting 5…   I want to stamp my feet and say this is NOT FAIR.  I’m not your friend anymore!  I am going to go eat worms…  Life right now is taking me for a ride… The ride of my life!  So, I can either do two things…  I can mope around like I have been or I can look around and really think.  Is my life really THAT bad… 
No, really it’s not! 
I have a man that loves me,
I have wonderful children,
I have a roof over my head and I still have my sanity! 
What more do I need…?  In the next few weeks I my life will change even more… ( I know I keep saying that…  but, as the story of my life goes nothing and I mean nothing is set in stone…)  
I feel like the little engine that could…  “I think I can I think I can I think can…” 

I feel so disconnected from everything, even Komen…  I don’t feel like I need to retreat, I think I just need to put myself “out-there” but, i don’t just want to do it 25% I want to give it my all, I want to give it my everything! 

With me I know I cannot set BIG goals.  I have to set baby goals!  So, I have started to eat breakfast, Your thinking Geesh Dolores GREAT…  Breakfast?  It may seem small to you but,its huge to me!  Next?  Cardio everyday…  YAY!  Been doing that!  Don’t spend so much time on line.  GRRRR… Then I have to remind myself…   ” Baby-steps Dolores”… 

As I rise through the ashes yet again in, this new journey…  What is to become of everything…????
  I have no clue… 
Iknow one thing… I will be forever in school…  LIFE!   Learn with me…  Hurt with me…  Be happy with me…  Just do me one big favor…  Don’t judge!!!  As I go through this new journey…  Smile with me…  and send me happy positive thoughts!  In the mean time…  Hold on y’all it’s going to be a bumpy ride

PS- I’m not preggers, or dying…  😛